Protest held in response to commissioners turning down family planning funds
Submitted by wway news on Thu, 03/15/2012 - 10:54pm.

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From a purely economic point of view why would they say no to free money?

From a moral view why would they try to prevent family PLANNING (nowhere do I see the term rampant orgy).

From a political view why would they piss off over 50% of the people they were allegedly elected to represent?

This decision doesn't make sense from any view. I will never understand patriarchal America. It's a sad joke and it's a little played out.

There is no "free money".
It comes from taxpayers across the state and nation.

It's only free for the people that get the "free stuff".

Like the "free phones". It's paid for by cell phone customers that pay the tacked on fee so somebody gets a "free phone".

It comes down to "responsibility".

I shouldn't have to pay for someone's birth control.

What a terrible attitude, 'Guest' - that it comes down to 'responsibility, and that 'you shouldn't have to pay for someone's birth control'. Where do you end that? I don't have children, but I am expected to pay my county and city taxes to fund the schools... It's time for you to realize that the world is a much better place if we give and take a little.