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Woman collects more than 40,000 butts off beach; says ban is necessary

The warmer weather means it's finally beach season, and that means thousands of people will make their way to Wrightsville Beach. As the town prepares for the 2012 tourist season, the Board of Aldermen are also considering a new smoking ban. Locals say they plan to speak out about this ban tonight at a public hearing.

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As for the 40,000 cig butts

As for the 40,000 cig butts off WB.. That is not all from the people walking on our beaches... They come from the ocean too!!!! I am a smoker and walk on WB and I take my cig butts with me when I leave!! Clean the ocean up people and you just might find only 5 from the last 50 people that were out there today.

Smoking ban

Wow, I'm going to guess that a majority of the negative comments were left by smokers. Obviously the smokers at Wrightsville beach aren't being responsible and cleaning up after themselves. Litter is litter. Until all smokers are responsible with their butts, then yes, there should be a ban. Thankfully this woman and her family care enough to try to make a difference and keep the beach clean.

I wonder how the people against the ban would feel if all those butts were thrown into their own yards? I'm sure they would spend endless hours picking them up and trying to have something done about the littering. Is that any different from a bunch of careless people littering at the beach, which in a way, is a yard to all of us? I don't think so.

Too much time on her hands? I believe she spends about 20 minutes a day on the clean up. About what it takes to smoke 3 or 4 cigarettes. I guess smokers have too much time on their hands, too.

Kudos to you Danielle and all that your family does. We need more people like you!


No one can smoke 3-4 cigs in 20 min. I smoke, I don't litter.

40,000 butts

How toxic is this woman seems shes touched 40k ciggy butts containing nickel, cadmium, lead and arsenic with bare hands? She might need a blood test.

new smoking ban at the beach

Please tell me why we need a "new" law....please tell me why we aren't enforcing our existing liter laws???? Oh wait, maybe because it's almost impossible to enforce our liter laws due to the lack of law enforcement in the area and the boards are leaving it up to the public to play "citizen police". Given that one isn't working, why would anyone thing creating another “new” law will fix the problem. Can you say knee jerk reaction, thank goodness common sense prevailed. Now all you smokers stop being lazy Butts (pun intended) and pick up your trash!!!