FBI steps in to investigate Chadbourn shooting death, neighbor relives tragic day
Submitted by wway news on Wed, 04/18/2012 - 10:57pm.

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Cries for my race & for my country! Even if this was an accident There should still be CHARGES!!! There should still be an arrest & a JURY ALLOWED TO DECIDE what happened!! sick of all these guns!! sick of the courts not doing their job. How in the hell do you expect a family to get peace, when the shooter lives DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET! Again, if it was an accident, it's for a JUDGE & JURY TO DECIDE!!! I am sick of cases like this & then hearing, WE Blacks are SAVAGES!! WE don't deserve BASIC HUMAN DECENT RIGHTS. Yanno Jails ARE full of mostly Blacks, because look at all the WHITES & other races, allowed to just kill & walk FREE!! I appreciate how this STATION covered the story & stuck with the FACTS, but, the other places telling this story are so full of HATE it's UNREAL!!!
Another child is dead, an innocent, minding her own damn business, in her own yard. How dare there NOT be an arrest! How dare you tell the FAMILY this life MEANS NOTHING! I PRAY those, not bringing the family peace, closure, NEVER EVER, have to suffer in such a horrible manner of loss & then INJUSTICE ON TOP OF LOSS!