Explore With George: Tidal Creek Co-op
Submitted by wway news on Thu, 05/24/2012 - 4:22pm.

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I joined your coop and didn't save anything. I paid mucho for your "hot" bar for the few items there. Now that Whole Foods is here, I'm dropping you off the list. No offense, but I don't have to "join" to pay any less..in fact the granola in bulk there is less than what I paid you! The hot bar 3 times the size! Maybe WHQR should seek out Whole Foods as a sponser now?

If you can see beyond the mega-marketing campaign that Whole Foods successfully maintains, you will notice that not only are the majority of items at Tidal Creek less expensive, but the hot bar and salad bar are much, much more healthier and cleaner (and less expensive) than their fancy corporate counterparts. Most Whole Foods salad bar items are made off site at a multi-purpose commissary, from conventional ingredients rather than organic or local.

And honestly if you really look at the value of an ownership in a cooperative you will see the benefits are beyond just monetary value. As an owner you actually "own" the store: you can vote for or run for the board of directors, you can save a great amount on daily necessities, and you receive a portion of the end-of-year profits through an annual patronage reimbursement, if the coop has a profitable year.

Not only do you save money at Tidal Creek, you can potentially get paid to shop!

Staff knowledge is horrible at WF, as most employees have little to no information on the products, their uses, origin, certifications, quality, etc.

Their produce is mainly conventional, with their celebrated "local" farm (Lewis) is known as a heavily sprayed, pesticide-laden farmland. Basically poisonous. But, it's LOCAL!

If you prefer the atmosphere, identity and glossiness of shopping at Whole Foods than please continue, but please keep in mind that Tidal Creek is community owned (30 years) and actually cares about the products that they offer: with stronger buyer standards than most stores in our area. Tidal Creek also has they ONLY certified produce selection in Wilmington as well as recurrent sales on quality, clean products in grocery, frozne, dairy and supplements.

For every $100 spent at a locally-owned business, $68 stays in the local economy compared to only $43 if spent at a national chain.