Berger, Davis feud as New Hanover commission updates travel policy

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Submitted: Mon, 06/18/2012 - 9:03pm
Updated: Tue, 06/19/2012 - 4:18pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger is back in spotlight.

Berger and Commission Chair Ted Davis, both Republicans, had a heated exchange at this morning’s county commission meeting.

Commissioners adopted a travel policy today, in part, responding to Berger’s attendance issues. The move sparked a back and forth between Berger and Davis.

“I can pull out receipts and show you what I haven’t been reimbursed for and the numbers don’t lie,” Berger said.

“Well, Brian, you’re welcome to do that, and if you would have been at the staff meeting (Thursday), like you should have been, you could have been a part of this discussion. But as usual you weren’t,” Davis responded.

The argument between Davis and Berger seemed to exhaust months of pent-up frustration.

Commissioners adopted a new travel policy that requires commissioners to pay the county back for conference and hotel fees paid and then not used. Davis says Berger has done this a few times.

“All I can say is, Brian, since you’ve come on this board you’re the only person we’ve had this problem with, and we’re going to address it.”

Berger had a different take.

“That’s because other members play golf, and buy golf clubs, and stay at four-star hotels, and I don’t,” Berger said.

Davis quickly responded: “If you’ve got any accusations to make about your fellow commissioners, do me a big favor: identify who it is.”

Berger wasn’t done.

“Don’t make it about me exploiting taxpayers when the opposite is the case,” he said.

The argument continued when Davis questioned Berger about his attendance record. Berger fired back that he has better attendance than Davis, who missed meetings last year recovering from heart surgery.

Either way it was Berger who was late Monday.

“There’s no question that I have time management issues,” Berger said. “I am not going to argue otherwise.”

Berger would not answer whether he plans on paying the county back for the hotels and conferences he has skipped out on.

He says he missed the latest agenda meeting because he was on the phone with government officials about a bribery and extortion case. He would not say who it involved.


  • Guest1984 says:

    Good for Berger standing up to that pompous phony Davis. Shame on all of us for being silent while our local band of “leaders” try to silence a guy who may have personal issues but at least he and his friends haven’t profitted at our expense. If we want people to resign from the Board because of issues- let’s start with the other clowns like catlin and davis –they have far greater conflicts than Berger. Like others I am beginning to see a very deliberate effort to embarrass berger way beyond what is either necessary or appropriate. I guess these so called leaders have a lot to hide -so they try to divert us by picking on berger’s obvious faults. We dont have to excuse those failings- but we arent blind to the visciousness of some of his fellow board members.

  • Guest2012 says:

    Don’t waste tax-payers money, Berger! This behavior of yours is insane, unacceptable and unscroupulous.

    You owe us about $17K for a free-ride on HANDING YOU A Commissioners Part-Time JOB. You owe us PAYBACK on at least 3K for the New Hanover County Benefits that you have been handed for your …..GHOST JOB!!!

    You owe us money for everything that you MISSED because you have “time FREAKING management” problems, WHEN THERE ARE 23.5 MILLION people UNEMPLOYED.

    Don’t sign up for anything ANYMORE, in fact, just don’t bother showing up for anything, at all, anymore, then we will be pleasantly surprised when the County Commissioners office begins running smoothly again. (although, in light of the PLASTIC BAG assumptions by Barf., I doubt it is possible.)

    Has anyone ever notice that there is always somebodys NAME on Stupid New RULES that never needed to exist before!?!

    Hey, Commissioners, print this out and stick it on Berger’s forehead for me, okay?

  • Peyton Garrett says:

    Here goes this stupid SOB again. If You have legitimate travel receipts for the past year and a half why have you not turned them in for reimbursement? Time management? What do you have to manage? You don’t work anywhere else. The rest of the board all are in management or are employed in other professional capacities. They meet their public obligations and do them on time. And your explanation for missing a previous meeting because You were in the parking lot, on the phone with some Federal agency regarding extortion or bribery has got to be the whopper of the year. You Mr. Berger are a liar. A mentally disturbed liar. Pathological liar. You make unfounded accusations and have yet to establish any credibility to any of them. When you are asked to do so, you clam up. You are a liar.

  • GuestMannie says:


  • Wilmington Observer says:


    If you wasted my (tax) money, give it back.

    If I owe you (tax) money for, legitimate, expenses, turn in the receipts in a timely manner and get reimbursed.

    Grow up, quit crying. Be where you were elected to be when you were elected to be there. If you have to make a phone call, make it at a time that does not conflict with your responsibilities as an, elected, professional, represenative. You agreed to be the voice of the tax paying citizens. Quit being such an embarrassment to our local government, your constituents, and yourself. If you mess up, apologize instead of arguing about it. It only gives the appearance of someone other than the professional that you were elected to be.

  • guesty says:

    Brian, just shut your pie hole.

  • Resident says:

    How very unprofessional of the entire board. If you have issues with a board member, a meeting should be conducted outside of a board meeting. I am embarrassed and ashamed to live in New Hanover County when this type of behavior is broadcast on TV and the newspapers. Vistors to the area must think New Hanover County has no issues except personal issues between board members. Grow up, deal with it and get down to the business that affects the people who voted you into office and expect from you.

  • wilmtru says:

    Davis lecturing anyone on honesty is in my opinion a lot like Edwards giving a sunday school sermon on family values. Where was Davis when Berger’s rights were violated and his notes stolen and his personnel files unlawfully breached. I won’t defend Berger’s failings but some of us aren’t blind to what the rest of this merry band of self dealers have engaged in for many years. If we look at their faults it almost is enough to forgive Berger his.

  • So much for the Tea says:

    Well, I feel like a chump for voting for these tea party guys. It won’t happen agian..

  • Straight Shooter says:

    Well, are you idiots that voted for this IDIOT happy now?

  • mack pricts says:

    berger,,,,give them hell…..they are all crooks

  • en says:

    what a jerk….I mean joke. It appears this Commissioner Brian Berger has more than Time Management Issues. He has issues dealing with his issues. Now he has branched out into working bribery and extortion cases with “The Government”. I hope he works better on that than he has at attending meetings for which he was elected to attend on behalf of his constitutients.

  • BJT says:

    Today’s chuckle. What did we do for laughs before Mr. Berger became a spotlight in our community news headlines?

  • Guest757 says:

    Mr.Berger has to be kidding when he says he had a better attendance record than Mr. Davis. Mr. Davis had heart surgery when he missed the meeting. What was Mr. Berger’s excuse.. just plan NUTS… He lives in his own world. If he has any friends left they have to get him help and really soon…

  • Burgerboy says:

    That old ted davis is just like all those other crooks in the new hanover county government trying to stir up touble with Brian Burger. He’s like all these other politicians up there, he’d steal the spit off your boots and swear up and down it was for your own good. Keep the faith, we support you brother ‘Burg!

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