One of world’s worst weeds found in Pender County

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Submitted: Thu, 06/14/2012 - 5:31pm
Updated: Thu, 06/14/2012 - 11:17pm

PENDER COUNTY, NC (TOPSAILADVERTISER.COM) — If you are a gardener there are probably lots of weeds that top your list as being among the world’s worst. Plants like crabgrass and chamber bitter come to mind.

These prolific garden weeds are certainly annoying but at least they stay confined to cultivated areas. Some weeds don’t. Some weeds invade natural areas, smother out native species, and alter ecosystems forever.

One of the world’s worst is cogongrass, which was recently found in North Carolina for the first time near Burgaw.

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  • Guest350 says:

    Actually, a much worse weed has grown in NC as well as other states for many years. It is called Tobacco. It destroys the human body, wrecks families, drives up everyones’ medical insurance, burns down homes, wastes tax dollars on those who do not have insurance, lowers productivity, stinks and overall is far worse than cogongrass.

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