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ONLY ON 3: As Wilmington 10 seek pardons, former cop wants whole story retold

Members of the NAACP and the Wilmington 10 rally tonight in support of pardons for the group. More than 40 years after Mike's Grocery on South 6th Street was fire bombed, a former Wilmington Police officer says there is another side of the story that is not being told.

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Allen R. Hall said he did it;HE burned Mike's Grocery

Allen R. Hall said he did it;HE burned Mike's Grocery
The Prosecution opposed Rev. and Mrs. Templeton taking the stand; to testify Ben Chavis was with them at the
time the grocery store was firebombed.
May 12, 1977
March 9, 1977
Transcript from a retired judge in the case, Gilbert H. Burnett
"Well, the court reporter, a dear friend of mine, retired, she said, "Judge", she said, "I have a tape of a
case you heard with Chavis where he was charged with accessory after murder."
I said, "Let me hear that thing." (coughs) And what had happened, back before
the Wilmington Ten incident- I mean, this stuff went on for quite awhile, burnings and rioting
and all this stuff, shootings. Two- three young men, black men, out in Taylor Homes, had a gun.
I don't know the facts, but one of 'em got shot and killed. Those three were the only ones involved.
The one who did the shooting was walking to the police station, to tell 'em he'd shot a guy- maybe it was
an accident, I don't know. On the way, this woman, who work- worked with Chavis- I don't remember
her name- talked to him, uh.., you know,
he told her what he'd done, this--. She said, "Don't go anywhere, don't go to the police",
said, "Let's talk to Ben Chavis first." Now this is in the middle of a lot of chaos.
They went to Lumberton, to a Holiday Inn, where Chavis met 'em. The kid told Chavis
whatever happened. Chavis said, "Don't do anything until you hear from me." Chavis went to Raleigh.
He called news conferences at the drop of a hat. I mean, he really called news conferences. He called
a news conference and said a white man went to the- uh.. this is what was right on the tape. And a
black man broke this case. Mr. Burnham was his name. Not a white man, a black man. It took 'em a year
to break the case of what I'm tellin' ya- 'cuz people wouldn't talk. He said a black man, to all these
news people- a white man went to this door where these black youths were, shot and killed one of 'em in
cold blood. All hell broke loose in this community. This is the real Chavis. This is Chavis."