Ron Hewett's son Justin named Fair Bluff Police Chief
Submitted by wway news on Tue, 06/19/2012 - 9:34pm.

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I would think since he had been hired as the top cop, he would have taken a few minutes to shave.

I'd be curious to see who the other candidates were and how much leg work the Town did in digging into their previous employment as officers. Whether Hewett comes from a questionable fatherly example or not, is beside the point. He is indeed his own person and time will tell, as it always does, about anyone. Being a quality Chief, no matter if it's the biggest or smallest dept, requires years of well-rounded training. Just because you carry and gun and badge doesn't mean you're a good fit for a top position. Doing things the right way isn't always easy. I wish him luck. Sometimes the best leaders get educated in trial by fire situations.