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Man arrested for allegedly strangling Chihuahua

For many people our pets are like our family and we mourn their loss very difficultly. What would you do if your dog was brutally killed?

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I absolutely hate a person who would do this to ANY helpless being!!!!! I wish this guy could be put in a 4x4 room with 15 wild hungry wolves and see how many of THOSE dogs he can strangle!!! The punishment would then fit the crime!!! And ONLY THEN!!!!!!

Animal Murderes

I recently started volunteering at the local Humane Society!!! So many feeling come to mind when I'm there... dogs to be euthanized cause peple get bored with them, can't afford them move, horror stories about the animals that have been brought in.

I believe that animals are members of the family. I recently got a kitten and we have bonded in ways I didn't think possible. If I was put in this poor girl's position I would want my boyfriend to be tortured, in if another country he would, but I would want him to pay for the pain he caused. A $5,000 bail is weak. That can be paid off before her suffering has healed. That foolish man took his aggressions out on that dog probably cause the relationship was failing and he intentionally wanted to hurt her. This is something she will have to get over, but moving on will be painful cause two things in her life that she cared about are out of her life, need to be out of her mind and heart... horribly sad effects have changed her life and moods.

That foolish man should be eithanized! :)

a woman who wants to see things change and animal abuse to be taken seriously.

PS Animal lovers would be in pain if something like this happened to their pet.... unexpected and horrific.

You may say that a dog is

You may say that a dog is not human but how many dogs serve as service dogs lets see the police force uses them and they are considered officers and if you were to harm one of them you would be charged with assaulting and police officer or if you murdered one you would be charged with murder of a police officer, dogs also service in the military, they are used for rescue and help people with disabilities that is just to name a few of the things we use dogs for I have 3 dogs and 2 cats or should I say 5 furry children yes I said it children. This man has no heart to do this to someone what is wrong with him and I do think that someone that could kill a dog like this could hurt a human this is a form of abuse to the owner of Charlie a way of controlling her and it’s a form of mental and emotional abuse. I really hope this man sits some time in jail around so animal lovers and they show him justice for Charlie. Not that I wish harm to anyone but it’s hard for me to understand cold hearted people like this and I have no compassion for what will come his way someday karma is a well you know the rest. I pray that the family of Charlie get peace and justice.

He was a loved pet and family member taken way too soon

Thank you so much for reporting this story. It means alot to many people and honestly i was afraid this sad story would go unheard. Its bad enough that the laws allow people to nearly get away with these crimes (murder) unscathed. So I truly appreciate your honest reporting and caring for the people of our community. Thank you again and please keep us updated on the information regarding this case.

Dogs are not Humans

This is not Murder dogs are not Humans. Accidents happen. The news has twisted the story to be so one sided it and it is sad that the family can use the law and media to seek vengeance against this young man. He is not a criminal and does not deserve to be treated like one. Jenna said on facebook "I was there" now she is saying she was at school?? I think the credibility of her word should be questioned.

You have obviously never

You have obviously never been a pet owner.

Karma is a B*&$%, and i hope this guy is slapped in the face with it.

Really? It was an accident?

Really? It was an accident? How do you strangle a helpless 6 pound dog on accident? It sounds to me like the he was pissed and looking to hit his ex-girlfriend where it hurt.

No you are right Dogs are

No you are right Dogs are not HUMAN, but when we take on the responsibility of owning an animal it is our responsibility to protect them and care for them. I am not sure of all the circumstances in this situation I am simply stating that there is no need to harm an innocent animal in the way this poor beloved pet was killed. Yes I think the person that killed this pet deserves the full extent of the law. If he is is going to do this to an animal what is to stop him from hurting a child or committing murder of a HUMAN