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ONLY ON 3: Language for Wrightsville Beach smoking ban, Wilmington ballpark ballot questions confuses voters

As voters prepare to go to the polls next month, we looked at sample ballots to see how a couple of big issues are presented. What we found are two referenda with language that can be difficult to understand.

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Wrightsville Beach Smoking Ban

The only reason that the smoking ban referendum is on the ballot for Wrightsville Beach is because the legislators failed to do their jobs and reflect what their constituents wanted. Since they refused to pass the desired smokefree beach ordinance, the residents in town had to do it themselves.

Besides being able to enjoy the sand and the surf with your kids without someone's tobacco smoke blowing in your or your family's faces, a smokefree beach environment results in a cleaner beach without seeing the toxic non-biodegradible cigarette butts in the sand, which can be accidentally ingested by an infant playing in the sand.

Vote "Yes" on the smoking ban on November 6.

This is the most ascinine

This is the most ascinine argument that has been going on for too long. People smoke, I personally don't, but it is a freedom that a person has. I think that people have just picked this topic to fluff their own feathers and make them sound like they care about the environment. The truth is with this proposed ban that it cannot be enforced. The tide line changes hourly which in turn changes jurisdiction of law enforcement. This is the same thing as happened in Carolina beach, and they went ahead and put it out there and it is not going to go any further. Why can people not understand that and keep pushing the matter. The cops are not going to go out and write tickets to smokers they have more important things to do then go to all the calls you know all the wrightsville beach "locals" are gonna be calling about. This is gonna end up like dogs and turtles, idiots calling about them all the time. I had an officer talk to me two days ago saying someone called about my dog and they said it happens all the time, don't you "locals" realize we can have dogs on the beach now, please get a life and mind your own business or if you are gonna be annoying and bother the cops and everyone else at least know the rules before you try and be a cop yourself.