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THE RANT: October 8, 2012

Funeral arrangements are still pending for sergeant TJ Butler. A Wilmington soldier killed last week in Afghanistan. Over the weekend, though, we found out a controversial church group says it plans to picket at Butler's funeral and funerals for other recently killed service members.

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Sgt Butler, a hero

I am appalled at the insensitivity of these so called Americans. This young man died protecting our freedom and their's. These are the ones who need to go live in these countries and see how safe they feel. No one wants to live in a world of unrest but unfortunately we do not all agree about how to live in peace. Let this family grieve for their loved one and let this nation know we've lost another hero that fought for what he believed in. People all over the world have this young man, his family and friends in prayer. As for this group of people with no conscience, open your hearts and step in their shoes for one minute. I am sure you have lost a loved one somewhere along the way. Think about how you would feel.

What absolute HYPOCRITS the

What absolute HYPOCRITS the members of this church are. And I have never heard such ignorance spouted off in the Name of God. Is there not a passage that says " judge not lest you be judged"? or something along those lines.

If these peopel are being held up as examples of adn touting themselves to be " Good Christians" it is no wonder so much of the world avoids that belief system. Maybe you should all look into the mirror, and then into your hearts before you go hiding behind " Gods Word".

The Sgt was a man of honor who put OTHERS before his own needs adn in the end paid the ultimate price. When this church group can live up to that, then they will have earned the right to have an opinion.