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Altercations between Soles and clients keeping police busy

Senator Soles has a rocky relationship with many of his clients, as proven by dozens of police reports, just in the last year.

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Sen. Soles

Wonder why the News Reporter in Whiteville is not interested in this story. A Senator from Columbus County? One of its reporters crucified a former Whiteville City Manager for 'inproprieties' yet the same reporter has writers cramp on Sen. Soles...remember Mr. Bob High? And maybe the forestry museum in Whiteville (and other 'projects' in Whiteville) has the owner of the News Reporter forgetting the papers duty to the community that funds it...and protecting the good senator. This statement may not make sense to a lot of people...but some it will...WWAY may want to ask some questions. Keep it up WWAY 3 and the reporter responsible you should get a pulitzer prize. Plato

wonder why

Wonder why the newsreporter doesn't have anything thing about RC?They keep up with everything eles in columbus county.Funny isn't it.There must be some kind of ties that are between them and RC I bet.If it was anything or anyone eles it would be in there.Maybe there being payed like those young boys are.I think that your right wway should be asking some questions about that.Keep up the good work wway.

Sen. Soles

The obvious answer to your question is, fear. R.C. Soles has been the political "Boss" of Columbus County for decades. People fear him and The News Reporter is no different. Don't forget the Tabor-Loris Tribune. They're as afraid of R.C. as the rest. This man can have your job with a phone call. At last, B.J. Wright gets mentioned. B.J. was the young man ruined by the Senator just prior to his "interest" in Allen Strickland. It was the same M.O. I think that B.J. only got a mobile home though...sad.