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Teenager stabbed at Ashley High

New Hanover County sheriff's deputies have arrested a suspect in a stabbing Friday night. The incident took place during a football game on the Ashley High School campus.

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stabbing somone? thats a

stabbing somone? thats a real good kid. it was his choice to bring out a knife or to even have it on him. austin doesnt deserve to get stabbed even if they had argument. i hope he gets better and i hope that other kid gets help with his problems, cuz thats not right.

I know gerome and i dont

I know gerome and i dont think he ment it . maybe that big dude just got in the way and got stabbed

RE: "I know gerome and i dont"

Are you stupid? "I know gerome and i dont think he ment it . maybe that big dude just got in the way and got stabbed" Your statement would seem logical if maybe MAYBE, don't go all crazy reading this, if it was ONE SMALL stab wound. But no, he was stabbed multiple times. MULTIPLE meaning it sure as anything wasn't an accident. On another note, I know Gerome. Yes, he's mostly a sweetheart but he has been known to get very angry. Is he not also in a gang? Hello people, wake up. Also, I don't believe Austin about there being a "little kid" in the need of a hero. If there was, that "hero" shouldn't have been Austin. It should have been some form of administration. I was at the game, in the stands mind you, and still saw more than enough administrators walking around doing their jobs. They could have and should have been notified. And another thing, I heard it was over drugs. I'm more than positive that BOTH Gerome and Austin do/did drugs. Wouldn't that be a more likely reason why they had a pointless melee in the student parking lot? I think so. Read this a few more times before you decide to get fussy about what I'm expressing my opinion on.

to Guest_92

You stated you know gerome. You did not state you knew Austin so why are you assuming things. There were several witness to this that made statements. There was a kid he was taking up for that is small and has a disability. It was not about drugs or at least the witness said so . There were witness from both sides that made statements. Gerome and the 2 older guys that were with them were yelling gang terms. If he's not in a gang he sure knows a lot about them.

I dont think

I believe he is in the wrong but i believe that it was in self defense i go to school with Gerome he is the sweetest guy!!! You have to look at it like this Gerome is tiny and couldn't do much Im sure that big kid could of hurt him easily. I believe Gerome did it to protect himself so he wouldn't get hurt! The big guy says he was breaking up a fight...WHERES THE WITNESS TO THIS??!! If Gerome was in a fight with someone why isn't the other guy comming up and telling his side of the story?? I know because Gerome was fighting the big kid! Geromes girlfriends best friend told me that it was over her because she cheated on Gerome! Of course the big kid is going to make up a story so that he doesnt get in trouble and so that Gerome gets good punishment!! I believe that Gerome should have min. of 2 years of jail and 2 years of probabtion. Thats reasonable knowing that it was self defense! They teach since you were young to defend yourself sooo what about know? He was defending himself! Yes im very sorry that the other guy got hurt but come on what do you think would of happened if Gerome didnt have a knife??? He could of been in the hospital!!!!

*Whew* Thank goodness we

*Whew* Thank goodness we have laws. Some people with their 'emotional reasoning'. Whoever uses a deadly weapon against a unarmed person needs to go bye-bye.

let me guess your a girl.

let me guess your a girl. thugs are always "sweet" to girls, or atleast the ones they know they can get to. and i guess it was alright to put someone else in the hospital seeing how gerome didnt want to get hurt. no.

There were witnesses, there

There were witnesses, there statements are at the police dept. actually 6 of them. What would have happened if gerome did not have a knife is that it would have been a fair fight. This had nothing to do with a girl, so let them know to get story straight or make sure when you say it that it is true. Gerome brought his knife and 2 other older guys with him so he was coming to fight. He should have not came to the game. He had no intentions of watching the game. The kid he was taking up for is small and also has a learning disability.

stabbing at Ashley High

Some of these comments are saying Gerome did not mean to hurt anyone, but the fact is Gerome had the weapon! You don't stab someone nine times by accident.

Stabbing at Ashley

My son attends Ashley and I hear all the time that Gangs, Drugs, and the absence on leadership is common place. I wonder what it's going to take to get people involved? This kid has done a great service to his fellow student.Why did we not hear about this in the news? My younger son was there at the game that night and also this past weeks game, had I known this had happened I may not had let him go to the next game.


My brother went to this game and ive been to some too ... why would somone do that?