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Bladen Commissioner fills in a few blanks about sheriff controversy

After nominating Sheriff Earl Storms for the position we tried to catch up with Commissioner Delilah Blanks to ask her about her decision.

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Dr. Blanks is an Honorable Person and Public Servent

Dr. Blanks was served the people of Bladen County faithfully for over 40 years. She is without question a caring and honorable person. The allegations made against her of inappropriate behavior are all fabricated. Her years of service to the people of Bladen County should be applauded.

Blanks who is Blank

Thank You TV3 for this report You are the only one who goes after the real crooks. Doctor Blanks for year has got away with crimes for years, like voting 2 times in one election then lies about it after being asked several times. Her own peers are scared of her in county meetings. I guess thats where she becomes a doctor a doctor of lies. I think her and Storms need to go home and get out of the hard working Bladen Citizens way and quit lying. I as a child look up to Storms when he was the Sheriff about 30 years ago, now I see him for what he is and hope my children never will. Blanks, I never look up to her because for years I have seen good people get fired from County Goverment because of her one track ways and her own hidden dark agenda. This station WWAY TV3 has my up most support in what they report because now its time to let the veiws of Bladen see what this dark system to be elected is all about. PLEASE FOR ME AND MY FAMILY SAFETY KEEP UP TO DATE ON THIS NIGHTMARE IN BLADEN COUNTY!

Dr. Blanks, a Leader of Vision and Integrity

The comments by “Blanks is Blank” are crude and unfounded. If questionable behavior occurred in the past, why was it was not raised in the past. Why now? What is occurring in Bladen Country is a microcosm of what has occurred to the White House”. People do not want change and that is what Prentis Benston represents. If the Sheriff dismissed people, that is his decision. Respect the decisions of those in that capacity. Dr. Blanks has served the people of Bladen County with impeccable integrity and faithfully throughout the years. She has consistently championed the issues of Bladen County