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Boiling Spring Lakes woman continues to fight city on code violations by neighbors

At the heart of the issue is what Anita Pinckney says is garbage in one neighbor's yard, and mistreated animals in the other. Pickney said the city takes little to no action when it comes to her complaints about code violations.

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crazy lady

if you dont like what you see then move some where else. or put up a fence so you dont have to look at it. you think that yard looks bad. then you should see my yard. some people cant afford to buy new stuff. so they reuse old stuff. ive been in construction for over 18 years. over the years i have saved windows doors just in case a friend or my self can get use of then. wy take a perfectly good item to the land field to be destroyed. just like windows. the frame might show rot. but the glass is still good. wy not take out the glass and save it till some one can get some use out of it. just like i had a friend that saved a bunch of vynal. he kept it just in case a friend could get use out of it. it sat in his yard for 3 years. but i got to where i needed it and he gave it to me. now my house is no longer a eye my old home looks like a new home . just because a friend was good enough to save the sideing for me.mabe the persons she is talking abought is like i am. just looking out for his friends and neighbors.the woman need to worrie abought her self. stop being a buisey body and worry abought her self.

Equality in BSL, NOT!

This lady is certainly not crazy. What she is demanding is, equal treatment under the law. What she is getting is, nothing. This city just forced four property owners to clean up their mess. One commercial enterprise and three residence. The city imposed fines and then payed the city attorney to file suit in order to collect the fines. Those property owners cleaned up and the suits and fines were dropped. Seeing as this lady pays the exact same tax rate as every citizen within BSL, why should she not expect to be treated equally? We have seen the properties she complained about and we have seen the properties BSL chose to enforce the city codes. The properties she has complained about are at least as bad as the others and worse than a couple of them. And, what about the property owners that were forced to go through the time and expense to clean up. That code was enforced on them while being ignored for others is not fair either. Do you think this is right? Let us put in a different way. For example, you live in BSL next door to a trash heep. You also have a friend that has the exact same experience at their home inside the city but in another part of town. You both complain to the city. The city forces the property owner next to the home of your friend to clean up to the standard of the city code. The city ignores your complaint and nothing is done next to you. You and your friend pay taxes equally. Do you think that is right? Do you defend the obvious discriminatory practice? Further, how do you feel when the mayor makes a statement that basically says, you and your neighbors don't seem to care what your properties look like? At the same time, the properties that you are complaining about do not belong to you or your neighbors but one that lives on the same side of town as the mayor. Your suggestion is rather than seek equal treatment and justice she should move. So what if she does? Then this city can continue to pick when, where, who, and why laws will be enforced. Do you defend that? If you do, you must be part of city government. The part that does exactly as they wish regardless of right and wrong.

I agree

I totally agree. The city picks and chooses who they want to make clean up their messes and who they leave alone. Have you seen that It is awesome. They showed some pics on there of places they were forcing to clean up and I dont know if its bad pics or what but I could not tell where anything was wrong with their property. No, she should not have to move...if she is complaining about it then Im sure that it wasnt like that when she moved into her home or she would have chose not to live there. She has every right to complain and to want something done. You guys should check out that site, its quite amazing some of the stuff you see on there. I hate BSl, its not the place it once was when I moved there and Im on my way out, thank goodness!!!!! So long BSL!!!

BSL Gov. Heads in the sand!

This city continues to keep their heads in the sand. Ignoring these truthful allegations they just wait it out knowin the story will soon give way to some other story. They are shameful and corrupt!