Boy spends days in cold to help animals in shelter
Submitted by wway news on Tue, 12/21/2010 - 11:46pm.

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What a terrific kid. I so hope that his compassion and heart doesn't fade as he gets older - what a wonderful role model he is. The animals so easily thrown away by people need more people like Ari!

What a wonderful role model for other kids in his area. I hope this spreads and next year his example grows and grows. Maybe a few adults will join him, too.

In Ari, I see a future leader in animal welfare. I hope boards of directors and city officials keep an eye on this young man.

"Git 'er done, Ari!"

He is my newest HERO ! This young man is setting an example that the adults should follow. His parents must be very proud. Those shelter dogs are not broken. They are just homeless, and stuck outside now in the 75 kennels at the shelter. They are full. Please find a new loving family member there and save a life. Ari gives me hope !!!