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Brunswick County purchases refurbished gas chamber

"As good as new" doesn't quite cut it for animal rights activists. There was confusion as to whether a gas chamber recently purchased by the Brunswick County Animal shelter was "new." Turns out, it was refurbished.

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How do you people sleep at

How do you people sleep at night when for a living you GAS poor innocent animals, you are HITLERS~ I would rather be homeless and have no food or clothes then GAS animals for a living.....THIS IS THE WORST ANIMAL ABUSE EVER and it SUCKS to know it still goes on in the USA.........HITLER killed the innocent with gas chambers, how does it feel to be a relative of his?

Dogs and cats deserve better

If you possibility think this method of euthanasia is humane, watch this video:


Gas chambers were ruled illegal due to being "cruel and unusual punishment" for humans many years ago. WHY ARE THEY NOT CONSIDERED "CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT" FOR ANIMANS WHO HAVE COMMITTED NO CRIMES. Why were funds from my taxes used without giving me a voice in this matter. Why do we continue to degrade NC on this issue. Why do our tax paid officials think they have the right to spend my taxes for this antiquated equipment to do a dirty job.Thank you for at least correcting the original report. At least the citizens have the true facts now. When this chamber leaks and makes our employees sick, please report the tax dollars that are spent to treat them and pay "settlements" for putting their health in danger. That $12,000 used gas chamber will come back to haunt the taxpayers of Brunswick County. Please report the facts when it does.