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City says local market is contributing to crime rate

The city says Village Stop and Shop Market is contributing to the high crime rate in the area by selling alcohol and cigarettes. They say the crime is so bad, it violates a state statute.

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i dont live in long leaf but

i dont live in long leaf but i go there all the time. the clerks are real cool, trust me they get annoyed by the drunks outside just as much as the people there. the store is not at fault, its the people of the neighberhood.

village stop and shop

As a resident of the Long Leaf Park neighborhood, I feel blaming the store and its employees, for high crime in the area is just plain wrong. If the store is not here, the criminals will go to Scotchmans or Rite Aid to buy their beer. As a matter affact, Rite Aid sales their beer cheaper than this store, so a lot of people already go there for their beer. The criminals are going to keep doing their damage to the neighborhood and the city is doing their damage to the neighborhood also by shutting down the only store that alot of people go to for groceries and just plain help. I have been short on my money before and all of the employees at the store have helped me in one way or another. They treat the neighborhood people like family. They are always cheerful and ready to give you a kind word. They try to keep the negative forces out of this neighborhood, and when it is gone the city will see that is was not their fault. Then it will be too late for the store, the employees and the neighborhood that depends on a short walk to get the staples of life and a kind word from people who trully care about them. There has got to be something else that can be done about the crime rate.

umm... Doen't every store

umm... Doen't every store sell alcohol and ciggerettes?

Village Stop and Shop

Yes, most of them do. They (the other stores)also don't ALLOW the public comsumtion and drug activity on their property. The store, if it were a true neighborhood store would not allow that and their business would increase significantly because people would not be scared to go up there to buy milk, bread and drinks. I have lived out here for years and have NEVER been to that store.

response to LLP resident

I have lived here for four years and have never felt unsafe to go to the store. They don't let people drink on their property, I have seen them go out of the store and throw beer away that people were drinking in front of the store. Maybe you should visit the store and find out what you are talking about before make judgements.

Reply to Trumble

I live close by the store and see everyday what goes on there, so that is fact, not a judgement. Neighbors on Rutledge near the store have had to put up with people buying their beer and then sitting down UNDER the No Loitering sign to drink it and then watch them pee on the side of the building. They have had drunks approach them as they are going to their cars asking for money and then get cussed out when they don't give it to them.

Are these people, you are

Are these people, you are talking about coming out of the store or are they from the homeless shelter or/and laundry mat? These people are asking for money to go into the store. Without the money they have no reason to go in the store. This is NOT THE STORES FAULT!!!!


The store is a problem because they allow what goes on, but the bigger issue is First Fruit Ministry. We are glad the City is finally doing what is right. First Fruit has not been compliant with the Special Use Permit pretty much from day one. The shelter needs to be relocated to a more appropriate area, not in a small neighborhood. We already have the transitional living facility behind Roses and the Clinic on Vance Street.

llp is a good neighborhood

llp is a good neighborhood just people livin there life it aint worst than any other neighborhood. and i dont like the snitches dere they run day mouth all the time and they the ones sellin crack in the crib and smoke it