Controversy around BSL fire truck insurance claim
Submitted by WWAY on Mon, 03/30/2009 - 5:40pm.

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what about the trauma bag $700 and the landing zone kit $450 that was never on the truck thatwas put on the insurance claim. do you want me to list more?
yes please list everything 1. trauma bag 2 lz kit 3 4
Why would the Police not investigate? If they don't, then the police are also corrupt.
This citizen has come forward in an effort to make sure the rule of law is followed. Chief Cobble has taken a page out of the new book here in BSL. That is to say, duck and run, smoke and mirrors, and deny, deny, deny. But, what ever you do, do not go on camera and face the scrutiny of the public at large. Lie after lie has been exposed in recent months here in BSL but the corruption continues. Come on Chief Cobble, if all is on the up and up, grant the interview instead of having a "secret meeting" at police headquarters in less than an hour after the story broke. Face your citizens and give your side of the story. Don't be the coward Chief Ballree and Davie Lewis have proved to be. We want to hear your side but we want to see your face when you state it. Short of that, you are just not believable. And know this. Not everything that is known was reported. More, is to come!
I am certainly not surprised of an insurance scam at the fire dept. The corruption is rampant at all levels of the servants of public service in Boiling Spring Lakes...City Hall, The Police Dept. & the Fire Dept....The citizens are the victims suffering under this lawless group that probably have more shoes hidden in their closets than Imelda Marcos. What amazes me is their condescending attitude, like the problems with the inept animal control officers and the discriminatory code enforcement...didn't they respond in the same exact manner when the facts proved them of shameless wrong doing....
The word going around the city of B S L , by firemen is that the things on the list shone on the news was in the Chiefs own handwritting . And that he was bragging on how he worked on the claims and sent it to the insurance co. himself.That the breathing packs were just a part of the things claimed .