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Department of Social Services starts statewide Crisis Intervention Program

On Monday, the Department of Social Services started its statewide Crisis Intervention Program, which gives out money to help with heating bills.

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Of all the people

interviewed, only one expressed any appreciation. The others were all inconvenienced. They felt More should have been done. I'm cold. As someone else posted, why not have them go through the Employment Security Commission and fill in an application for McDonald's or one of the other fast food chains. With counties being forced to make budget cuts, why not put them on the street for 8 hours per day picking up trash? Or, in this cold climate, why not have them perform janitorial work at county offices and schools? Why not force them to turn in receipts, monthly before they get their EBT cards, Food Stamps, and Section 8 housing vouchers? If cigarettes and beer appear, cut the hand outs. Why not put a time limit on those receiving entitlements? Show progress to become self supporting or have benefits cut after 3 years. Seems to me the Clinton Administration proposed something like that but it got flushed by Barney Franks and Company. There seemed to be a sufficient number under the age of 35. Let's sign them all up for the National Gaurd or regular Army. Three squares a day; clothing provided; and receive a job skill. Now that's a deal. If they're going to complain, let's give them something to complain about.


I started waiting in line when I was a small kindergartener, then up through grade school, high school, and even through registration days in college and not once did my fingers get freezer burnt. I guess I was lucky and l just got in the right lines.


the camera could not catch some of the folks as they departed to see the quality of the ride which brought them to the facility. Assuming a major portion of the time spent was completing paperwork to qualify for the $600, the line probably moved quicker than anticipated. Wait a minute; didn't everyone get a $600 check in the Spring? Something called an economic stimulus check.

Look at this crowd. Do you

Look at this crowd. Do you see people in wheelchairs? On crutches? Standing or walking with assistance? No, I see a crowd of able bodied people who could easily get out and get a job, and then they wouldn't be so inconvenienced by having to stand in line waiting for someone to give them my hard earned tax dollars.

Streamline the process

5 hours standing in line? $200,000 used to take 2 months to distribute, but now only takes two weeks? Can't the state find a way to put these people to work? Maybe the requirement should be to go thru the employment office first, then fill out applications at the fast food places. If you can stand in line 5 hours in 30 degrees, you can find a job doing something. Maybe the state can send out food stamps in the newspapers like store coupons. But it's federal money, so it's freeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

A job?

I don't know why they are fussing, apparently they don't have jobs to go to so this is their "work"

We are a doomed people

"It's cold out here and they're not moving fast enough for me." "It was cold, and these people were not trying to help us out in any way..." " fingers are freezer burnt." Good God almighty, you whining, ungrateful weasels! You are getting FREE money to help you pay your heating bill, but all you can do is complain that the line isn't moving fast enough, and you're cold???? WAAAAAH!!!! Is there any wonder why those of us who are providing that money for you are losing interest in how friggin' cold you are? God help this country!


Gimme gimme.....Instead of standing in line in the cold...STAND IN LINE LOOKING FOR A JOB!

I lol

Maybe we tax payers should supply gloves so that poor lady wouldn't get freezer burnt fingers.... Also free dental care for the dentally challenged. Goes to show you that these folks really expect this free "help" and do not appreciate it at all. Guess they were all off work that day.


is right Zippy. If you think this is bad, wait until the annoited one takes office in January. Think your taxes are bad now; you haven't seen anything if he keeps all of his promises or even just half of them. Who knows, maybe he can bail out the US auto industry. Part of your entitlement could be a free SUV paid for by the taxpayers. Throw in free Onstar and cell phone service along with a free, never have to pay back, Visa card from Bank of America. All thanks to those who elected the annoited one so he could redistribute your money. Thoas of us who work better start looking for second jobs just so we can maintain the same income level once the new taxes take hold.

But Zippy!

You just voted to hand the reins of power over to the very mob who champions these people and their lifestyle! I'm absolutely certain that if you write to your man Obama and propose a Division of Gloves in HHS, you'll get appointed to a six-figure job and they'll use it to justify a bigger tax increase.

But Common

He is not in office yet....... this has gone on since ?????. Lets wait and see what happens. Then you can nag me or I you.

It has been

going on whenever we have a Democratic controlled congress. During the Clinton Administration, former President Clinton proposed time limits on folks getting federally funded aid or state aid funded with Federal dollars. Guess who shot it down? The Democratic Congress. This was one area where the Dems would not back their own President. Does that say something? It won't improve after January 20.

Whinning about free money

We may as well get used to this kind of reaction. I have seen it my whole life. People think the Government owes them something. To the people who voted for Obama, get ready to spend your money on ungrateful people like this. They will get more now than ever before. Spread the wealth and then listen to the complaints. We have created a monster. One that cant be killed I struggle paying my bills from time to time, and now I have to pay thier electric bill too. It wont be long and you'll see,the ole man and the yankee lady wouldn't have been a bad choice after all

Would they stand in line for a job?

I bet they wouldn't stand outside in the cold that long to get a job!

I agree

The economy is bad. We all know that. It is cold. That is obvious. However, I read on there that Progress Energy is raising electric bills. Taxes will be raised with the new administration. I make very little money at my job and support a family of four however I don't qualify for any assistance. Instead, I pay for other people who seem to think standing in line for something "free" is a burden. I wonder who has the real burden here?