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Diapers not being delivered

Customers of a locally based online diaper service say something smells a little funny; they paid up front for a years worth of diapers and say the company didn't deliver.

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What a pickle!

Well, this lady really put us in a pickle, more ways than one. Number 1- we are out $650 and no diapers/wipes for TWINS. Number 2-about a month ago I realized this was a scam and called my bank. My bank told me that there were not any transactions on my account for that amount or even to this company. Ok great, so I thought! I added the money back into my account. Well, this month...boom...huh, well there is a $650 fee to! So, here we are 1 week away from delivering our twin girls, and we are out $650, in a bad way! Thanks a lot Amy! Now, to file the claim you can send in a letter or email. The email address of course rejects emails being sent because the mail box is full! We really need our money back and it's hard telling how long we are going to have to wait! Another thing that gets me is, this lady even has a "prayer request" blog on her page! lmao! We just want our money back!

Not okay!!

I have lost $542.00 from this lady and now I have to go and buy diapers and spend more money! Now eBay or paypal will not do anything about it because it is over 60 days old!! I am working and going back to school for a degree and now dealing with my mom being diagnosed with breast cancer. Life just isn't fair for those who don't deserve what happens to them! I want my money back from this lady and see her pay for what she has done to us mothers and fathers!

I am a mother of triplets,

I am a mother of triplets, so diapers are a must and VERY expensive. I had to go in debt to pay for the year up front. It was convenient for me since I am unable to leave the house. She has taken $800 from me and my children. Now I'm having to borrow money to pay for diapers because I've had their diaper money for the year stolen from me. I just want my money back and no one else to fall victim to this woman. Even if something "happened to them" and you're overwhelmed with orders, you're running a business. A business that people paid alot of money for your service. The customers at least deserve a simple email letting them know there are troubles, even though the only troubles they are having is that she got caught! Please do the right thing and refund our money.

This is a scam

To Amy Galliher- currently you are a big liar in my eyes and I'm sure most of those who have accessed the site. You have broken so many promises and left so many new parents out to dry. What are YOU going to do for us to be "more okay"? We are not "OKAY" to begin with I did not understand what MORE okay even meant. You are more then welcome to contact me at if you wish to reach out to all of the victims you have scammed thus far. You owe us all an explanation that is not layered with more lies like that of the story you gave to channel 3 news.