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Duplin Co. Sheriff's Deputies raid suspected dog fighting facility

Nadine reports Sheriff's Deputies have arrested 76-year-old Harry Louis Hargrove. Representatives from the Atlanta Humane Society tell her Hargrove's been fighting dogs for 45 years and is one of the top five dog fighters in the country. So far, they have found more than 33 pit bull and pit bull mixes alive on the farm.

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This man should have been on 'death row' years ago. Pure EVIL, Satan on Earth is the only word to describe him and his low-life followers. As I was watching these broken-spirited, innocent dogs being loaded up after all the horrific abuse they went through, the little black pitbull's tail was still wagging. I hope they fry this man. Dogfighting must end! You would think after the "Michael Vick" incident things would get better. There are soooooooo many underground operations going on. My advice to them is: you will get caught! We are investigating YOU! God bless these animals, I hope and pray they find homes. I am rooting to save them all. I do animal rescue, undercover work and my heart is always with the pitbulls or black labmixes. They are always the last to get chosen in shelters. They are so sweet and love you unconditionally. From my side of the USA: PUT 100 POUND CHAINS AROUND THE OLD MAN'S NECK, LET HIM SIT OUTSIDE IN A HUMID DOGHOUSE WITH HIS LOW-LIFE SUPPORTERS, LET THEM FEEL WHAT HE (they) DID TO THESE INNOCENT CREATURES THAT ONLY WANTED TO BE LOVED NOT HURT. ANYONE THAT SUPPORTS THIS SPORT SHOULD GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL TOO. WE DO NOT NEED PEOPLE LIKE YOU ON THIS EARTH!!! PURE EVIL, JUST PURE EVIL. BLESS THE BEAST AND THE CHILDREN FOR IN THIS WORLD THEY HAVE NO VOICE, THEY HAVE NO CHOICE. LIGHT THEIR WAY WHEN THE DARKNESS SURROUNDS THEM, GIVE THEM LOVE LET IT SHINE ALL AROUND THEM~~~

Prison Sentence for dogfighter

Hargrove admitted to fighting dogs and electrocuting dogs for over four decades. Stud fees, gamboling, hosting dog fights was his sole source of income since Vietnam.

A proven recidivist, his criminal history goes back to 1983. Another conviction in 1993 and a third in 2001. Every time he gets out, he resumes fighting dogs.

On his propery investigators found: "a fighting pit that was covered in a significant amount of blood, modified jumper cables that were used to electrocute dogs, a large debris pit that contained dog carcasses, a blood covered treadmill with wooden sides..." This according to court of appeal documents (U.S. v. Hargrove, 4th Cir.).

Hargrove was never deterred by his prior dogfighting convictions and shows an extreme disrespect for law. Moreover, he shows no remorse for his actions or sympathy for his victims. Therefore, he can only be deterred in this behaviour with a lengthy prison sentence.

I did not see any evidence

I did not see any evidence that the dogs had any health problems. The dog they showed was wagging his tail all happy to be out and about like any normal dog. Bad people taking advantage of an old man and for what, 15 minutes of shame……..

I realize that this is an

I realize that this is an important issue but what about all the people getting abused and that are homeless you never see them on the news what about the people the human beings that are suffering why no news about them. i agree that this guy should be punished but what about the criminals who do even worse to people all they get is a few years in jail but if you touch an animal you hsould be fried........ whats wrong with our society where we care more about dogs than we do our own fellow human beings........