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Former sheriff's e-mail singles out county leaders

After serving about a year in prison for obstruction of justice and embezzlement, Ron Hewett is taking aim at people who helped put him there. Hewett also has harsh words for a Brunswick County Commissioner.

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Former Sheriff Ronald Hewett, Brunswick Co,NC

I am proud the truth is finally coming out with former Sheriff Ronald Hewett by his e-mail to WWAY News Channel 3, Tuesday on 9-28-2010.

Then this great T.V. Station is doing a wonderful job just like they did for my niece CARLA BUSSARD her memorial 9-5-2007 of one year. No other T. V. Station cared to help like WWAY News 3. They sent a news lady to the Hilton Hotel around 11:00 AM to interview me (Glenda Campbell Goedde) and my identical twin sister Linda Lou Campbell the mother of Carla Lea Painter Bussard. We both lived in Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama and it was a long, long way from Bolivia, Brunswick County, North Carolina Courthouse. I choose the Hilton Hotel downtown Wilmington, New Hanover County, N. C. for their security and our protection. I asked them to put a guard on our door at all times. You see, we never had police protection at any time after this horrific crime was done at Becky's Seafood Restaurant, near Supply, N.C. on 9-5-2006 prior 1:02 A.M. (time of 911 call by Mr. Little who found the body).

I would like to ask: "Retired Sheriff Ronald Hewett of Brunswick County, N. C." this question 'Why was my niece who was listed as a Jane Doe named Carla Bussard murdered there on 9-5-2006? I would like to know the truth and I am ready for this good, bad or ugly all of it. Also I will say that you Ronald Hewett got a killer named Martha Evelyn Farmer who was a so called friend of my niece off the streets, which is great.
I believe she said a motorcyle gang did it and who were they? Since Brunswick County, N. C., Sheriff's Department just arrested this month September 2010 "Red Devils President Cape Fear Chapter named Larry Ronald Capps, Jr. maybe someone should ask him what he knows about my niece's murder. Also ask if he knows Gene Bussard the estranged husband of Carla Bussard who was a policeman and worked full time at Sunny Point Firefighters plus worked part-time July and August 2006 at ambulance service with Martha Farmer.
Give Ronald Capps, Jr. a plea bargain like Martha Evelyn Farmer got when sentenced on 6-11-2007 in Brunswick County Courts which was just under 9 months of the brutal murder of my niece Carla for she was shot between the eyes and executed but then Martha reloaded and shot her again and missed once. Maybe my niece was shot in the red car and dumped at Becky's Restaurant. You can shot someone and kick the body out the door of a vehicle and it bled out!
This crime of Carla Bussard aged 36 who left 2 sons and a daughter was planned out, executed, and made sure of the fact: when you shot once then you shot again and again to make sure they are DEAD...for husband Gene / Buzz (Wallace Eugene) Bussad an ex-policeman got away with a perfect murder. His answers to the police were identical to the killer Martha Farmer's as stated by Sheriff Ronald Hewett but we didn't know that until now.

Why did Captain Gene Caison in the Federal Court of Sheriff Ronald Hewett named my niece Carla Bussard's case to put him away in prison? Everybody go back and read the records like I did. I never met Sheriff Ronald Emery Hewett or Capt. Gene Caison but I did meet District Attorney Rex Gore and Lt. David A. Crocker on 9-6-2007 at the Courthouse of Brunswick County in Bolivia. The doors were open for Carla's mother my identical twin sister and myself but we also had a gentleman named TRE BENSON with BLUE LINE RADIO which is located in Wilmington, N.C. with us. TRE was so kind and drove us to Becky's Restaurant and was my body guard all the way. Whereas no police helped us at all. Fear was in my heart and soul.

I worked for Homicide in Huntsville, Alabama, and I never saw this happen before with no police protection to the families of victims murdered who lived in or out-of-town.

In fact we were never told of the sentencing of Martha Evelyn Farmer until late Friday evening and it happened early Monday morning in 2007. Only my twins sister had time to run to airport to catch an airplane to be there. I didn't get to go and I wished we had more time to plan this horrific trip. This was a secret well kept and I feel that it was because they were after Sheriff Ronald Hewett and putting him down which they did.

I have prayed day and night for closure of my dearly beloved and beautiful niece Carla Lea Painter Bussard. I read the news daily of Brunswick County, N. C. and pray for all who lost loved ones since Sept. 5, 2006. WWAY TV 3 thank you so very very much for your help all the way with my twin and myself.

I would like to know since D. A. Rex Gore is going out of office this year 2010 can Martha Farmer get parolled? We were told she would never.
Today I guess I am back to my niece's crime there. When we drove across the North Carolina line this is when I knew in my heart and soul Carla was gone forever. It is different here at home and I believe the laws should be changed to help any victim's families out-of-town and in town more.

Thanks, Glenda