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Get Out the Vote Workers with Criminal Backgrounds

You may think that when you see people at the polling places on election day, trying to convince you to vote for a particular candidate, that those people are volunteers, giving their time to help their favorite candidate win elected office. But in many cases in our viewing area, those poll workers aren't volunteering at all. They're being paid to influence your vote.

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The reason people have to get out in Bladen to round up people is many...1) they may not have a way ...2) some dont know how important it is to everyone including peoples grandkids coming up to0 make sure that the RIGHT person is in office & 3) some are just doin other things and lets it slip by. People need a little push to do this. Once they get there it is on them who they vote for. Noone is paid to vote for certain people nor are they taken in at gunpoint. All this is is simply others want to use what they can against others afraid that just by being the person they are they want get the votes & make it into office, so they have to put down people and try to destroy others just to get a chance. Butch Pope has helped many people..No matter who they are just because he felt they needed a fair chance...This didnt start because he was running for DA...He has done this for years because thats the type of man he is!!...As far as McCrae Dowless or Levy what if they have a record...What happened in the past is done and as far as I knew once you have paid your debt to society then it was over. When a Judge orders you a sentence or whatever then thats what he decides is the penalty of your actions so why is it 20 years later you are still paying? To be hanest & if everyone can be..Sit and think back to everything you have done in your lifetime...Aren't you lucky you did'nt get caught??...If you had of I am sure that each person would have at least one thing on thier record!...Butch Pope is a good man, he is dedicated and fair...Has been for years & hasn't changed!!...Now as far as the other guy..Ummm...Mr. David..Who is he & what has he done for anyone?...To add to ever thought thats why some people that has been in trouble continues on that same road...Simply because they are never given a chance and always Judged by others...What gives people the right & when do they get a chance to do better????

Poll Watcher

John David just lost my vote. Dirty