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Godless billboard stirs controversy, sparks debate

In 1954, the words "under God" were added to the Pledge of Allegiance. With Fourth of July just around the corner, some groups are using billboards across the state, including one here in New Hanover County, to help get those two words removed from the pledge for good.

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"God" is synonymous with religion. Not every religion worships "God" and not every citizen practices a form of religion. The phrase "under God" is, thereby, exclusionary to some citizens.

As we all know, the Constitution states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion" and "under God" is clearly acknowledging the religious idea of God. Everyone is free to worship a God in their own way but, per the 1st Amendment, any worshiping of God and practicing of any religion must stay out of the arena of government.

Kudos to the NC Secular Association for posting a tasteful, non-offensive billboard to make their point.

under god?????

Look we say under God. that dosnt say crist, it says god. one god one love.religon dont matter. its the faith that their is a GOD. and that is all. the way you want to serve him is your own choice as long as you dont hurt or disrespect any one.

are u serious, ya for people

are u serious, ya for people that have a monotheistic religion that's fine but what about atheists? Under god is offensive because they don't believe in a god, god is part of religion, just because it is a part of multiple religions doesn't change the fact that it is religion and not everyone believes in a religion.

Of course

government wants God as far away from their corruption as possible and those who believe in nothing will fall for anything.

I have faith in God and will take "his word" over yours anyday.

Well, some of us don't

Well, some of us don't believe in any form of "God." So it doesn't matter how you put it. I am not trying to serve "Him" since I don't believe that there is a "Him." So what's the big deal, don't impose on me, or others.


My oh my, can't spell, did you think about what you wrote? The issue isn't with christianity specifically, it's with the exclusionary use of "god" in the pledge of allegiance. The insertion of god in 1954 was a clear violation of the first amendment, and an insult to all rational Americans. Belief in god is NOT a requirement for citizenship in this country, nor is non-belief an impediment to national office.
A word about respect - would you respect the belief of an adult who chose to believe in Santa Claus? Well, if you believe in talking snakes, walking on water, immaculate conceptions, and miraculous resurrections, I don't respect your beliefs either.

You miss the point

The point is not "whose god" but instead "who is god" It is not about which god your putting the the pledge. It is about the pledge being returned to its original and perfectly fine state. A state that is without a god entirely. God is religion and therefore can not be supported by the government in any way shape or fashion. This is why the phrase "under God" was not in there to begin with, it has no place there. The person who created the pledge of allegiance understood this and the constitution. Seriously, stop belly aching over it because you feel as though you are getting the shaft because someone is finally calling BS on something that should never have been in the first place!


Under God, along with "In God We Trust" on money was added in 1954 during the shameful anti-communist witch hunts. By the same people that supported Joe McCarthy and who would love to force all public school children to pray from the Christian bible at the start of every school day. I believe that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and Ben Franklin would have opposed this change. I say...change it back.