Gravely students visit Gravely
Submitted by wway news on Fri, 11/19/2010 - 9:54pm.

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This is a fantastic video and opportunity for children to be part of an historical event. Thank you all, including the US Navy for bringing in these children from the Elementary School of the same name to be able to participate in this commissioning. Claire Houston

We are the proud grandparents of Samantha Marins Nacelli Burgess and wish to congratulate her school for such a terrific Principal Mrs. Michele Salzano. Parents and family are so lucky to have her in our children's life, her interaction with each child, her energy to bring the best for the school in quality education,and her enthusiasm for her position make a big difference in what the future holds for our children. May God always bless our school, children, staff and parents...thank you USS GRAVELY for giving the children this opportunity to enlarge their horizons.

Mrs. & Mr. Nacelli