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Local store kicks out family with service dog

Even after showing the credentials, a Wilmington family was told to leave the Western Shop on Castle Hayne Road for coming inside with a service dog.

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when someone in that jerks family gets completely belittled by someone else, i hope he chokes on it. i sincerely hope that the citizens in the town boycott the store until it folds. to the parents, if they are reading.....she is a gift, and she and ellie are part of each the news station, bravo for showing it and posting it, your city should be aware of scum like him so he can have his two scoops of karma with a side of humble pie.

who gave yaw the right to judge

let he who is without sin cast the first stone

You have mutilated

You have mutilated the southern word for "you all." It is "yall" and if you want to add correct punctuation to it, then it would be "y'all."

Shame on you....

Just when it feels like we have made progress in society, BAM!!! people like this show up and ruin it for all of us. What is even more crazy than this All-American Hero, is all the people here posting some kind of justification for his actions. Come on. The little girl has a service dog. What part of service do you not get???... And you kick the family out before the dog has an opportunity to demonstrate to you its training. So I guess if the police came in with a "service dog" would you kick them out also? No! Since we all know how well trained the police service dogs are we can safely infer that a professionally trained service dog will not damage your merchandise or take a crap on your manure stained carpet. This guy need a lesson in chivalry. I hope his grand-daughters, if he has any, never see how un-empathetic he is towards people with disabilities. Shame on you sir, shame on you. You should call your local TV news, issue an apology to that little girls family,donate some money to the local dog shelter, and beg your community not to drive your business into oblivion...just my $.02

How rude!

The owner may have had a say so at that moment but hopefully the public will have the final say so when they refuse to shop at his store. His behavior was disgusting and ignorant. I've been in there before and wasn't impressed. Now I know why.

Let the Consumers Handle it...

Shut him down. Freeze him out.

He is probably already having hard times which is why he is so bitter.

This will haunt him.

"My law"????????????????

I cann't believe this man treat people under "his law". I believe he still thinks this is the Western in the "gold rush" time. God bless America!


I can not believe that this would happen! The owner should feel horrible and embarrassed after telling a disabled child's mother to leave his store..western store at that, which is more than likely probably NOT the cleanest. This disgusts me.

service dog

Elle didn`t need the dog to enter the store, owner has the say !

service dog

The man broke the law. Even if it is a private business it does not give him the right to discriminate. The man is a heartless selfish idiot and I hope his decision helps him join the ranks of the unemployed

This man is obviously mad

This man is obviously mad about something he does not have in his life, such as the possible business that his store does not have. But with this type of behavior his store most likely will not last much as longer......karma will do its job.....

Western Store

I hope folks stop shopping there. This mans attitude is unreal. What goes around comes around.

Karma will get you one day -

Karma will get you one day - shame on you.