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More arrests made following outbreak of fights at West Bladen High School

As of Monday afternoon, sheriff’s deputies arrested ten people involved in the riots at West Bladen High School. Since then, there have been two more, and they're not finished yet. Deputies now say the incident did involve community gangs.

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Should have never consolidated the schools!

I graduated from WBHS in 2003, the first year it was opened. I can't remember one person, student or parent, who wanted to make the consolidation. Why increase teacher/student ratios and bring people together who have had a rivalry for years and years? It just made no sense. I went to Tar Heel High School 9-11th grade and this crap would have NEVER happened there. We might have had 2 or 3 isolated fights a year. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law both attend WBHS (when they are not expelled or skipping school) and I know for a fact that there is gang activity going on there now. Didn't you see the guys in the video with the blue shirt and red belt or whatever? I don't know if gangs were the cause of the "riot" but when you combine that mentality with the rivalry that has been going on in that area for years what do you expect?

I agree with you 100% about the consolidation!

I agree with you 100% about the consolidation. Bigger is NOT better. When we had smaller schools, everyone knew everyone. As far as the one guy coming out of the school with the red belt, look a little closer. His pants are hanging(sagging) down almost to his knees. Excuse me, but where is the dress code. Instead of the Board of Education pushing for school uniforms for K-8 it needs to be K-12. This would eliminate a lot of things, whether is be gang colors, sagging, etc....

Please Read

I am a student at West Bladen High School. I do not know why people are saying this is because of gang violence. Anybody who really knows what is going on knows that this is not about gangs, it is about ignorant people who want to show everybody their ignorance. If you want somebody to blame, then blame the students that caused all of this. What makes it worse is that all of this happen after the death of a fellow classmate. R.I.P. Cody. To the people who did not put their names up here, I want to say do not be afraid of your opinion because your opinion counts. P.S. This is making not only the school look bad but it also makes the black population look bad at this school. I am a African American Student at West Bladen High School and this is just a shame. So before you judge me you must know that not all of the African American Students at West Bladen High School are not like this.

to me is=t is like they are

to me is=t is like they are tring to say that it is not safe. An on the tv they showed only black students and my family member said that when they broke it up they only took black student and placed them under aresst that seems wrong an they dont know how it starterd it qcould have just been a simple fight the=at got out of hand

They're not being racist or anything.

there were only black people in the fights. i would know, i witnessed most of them. And it was more than a "simple fight."