More details in the chase involving Officer Matthews
Submitted by WWAY on Mon, 03/16/2009 - 10:20am.

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when are we going to learn. people like these guys are becoming more and more of a problem. everything about them and what they did is bad. why do we continue to make excuses for them. i understand that everyone makes mistakes. everyone should be given a chance to change. obviously these guys had been given more than one! now be done with them. either death or life without possibility of parole. something that makes it so bad that people will start to think about the things they do. these guys know that jail isnt that bad. free place to live, free food, free health care. such a joke. if people were scared to go to prison then they might make better decisions in life. of course one of you will read this and say i'm an idiot and we should help all these people and show them the way. well thats your opinion and you can believe whatever you like. well i'm tired of hear about what these people keep doing. tired of people being kill because they dont care. the system is setup to protect them. its truely sad