Murder rates increasing amongst black males
Submitted by WWAY on Mon, 12/29/2008 - 4:32pm.

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When people grow up & leave their parents house their life is their own .You cannot re raise an adult.With that being said when children are young & they cut up in school or do something else that is wrong THAT IS THE TIME to get on them . I see women in my community let their young kids get by with TOO MUCH or they laugh & think that the disrespectful stuff the child does is cute & funny . I have cousins whos mom raised them like that & no one could tell them about their child. Today one cousin is dead & the rest are in jail . BLACK WOMEN we need to be serious about raising our black little boys right from the crib on up !! Stop laughin & jokin about disobedient behavior or calling your kids " BAD " as a term of endearment . That mess is NOT CUTE & it definitly won't be cute later to look at that same child behind glass or in a casket !! IT STARTS AT HOME !!