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Murder rates increasing amongst black males

A Northeastern University study suggests murders are on the rise among young black males nationwide. The study shows the number of black male teens killed in gun related crimes has risen 40 percent since 2000.

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When people grow up & leave their parents house their life is their own .You cannot re raise an adult.With that being said when children are young & they cut up in school or do something else that is wrong THAT IS THE TIME to get on them . I see women in my community let their young kids get by with TOO MUCH or they laugh & think that the disrespectful stuff the child does is cute & funny . I have cousins whos mom raised them like that & no one could tell them about their child. Today one cousin is dead & the rest are in jail . BLACK WOMEN we need to be serious about raising our black little boys right from the crib on up !! Stop laughin & jokin about disobedient behavior or calling your kids " BAD " as a term of endearment . That mess is NOT CUTE & it definitly won't be cute later to look at that same child behind glass or in a casket !! IT STARTS AT HOME !!