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ONLY ON 3: A look at what the City of Wilmington spends on subscriptions and dues

We got a lot of feedback after our recent report about New Hanover County spending almost $200,000 of your money on dues and subscriptions. Tonight, we're shifting our focus to the City of Wilmington.

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From the NC League of

From the NC League of Municipalities:

The North Carolina League of Municipalities stands strongly behind the principles of annexation. Our annexation laws have proven themselves many times over to be beneficial to quality of life in and around our communities, to bring jobs and economic development, and to ensure a sense of fairness in the sharing of services and amenities. The League continues to support careful change to the long-standing municipal annexation laws in a way that provides for fair and equitable consideration of all citizens’ needs and concerns and allows cities and towns to grow in an orderly manner."

There is a key word omitted from this description of the policy, INVOLUNTARY... In these economic times, City Hall should be focused on cutting costs and defining essential services for the taxpayers, NOT taking advantage of the surrounding areas and further, NOT seizing property against the will of taxpayers.

Communism died in 1989. A great leader and great American said to Mr. Gorbachev "TEAR DOWN THIS WALL". The people, not Mr. Gorbachev did tear down the wall.

The largest fault I find with contemporary politicians is that they have convinced themselves that they know better than the people they purport to SERVE. It is due time that these politicians learn that the VOTERS know what is fair and equitable.

Let's endeavor to support legislative candites who will end this COMMUNISTIC principle of taking property to the detriment of its rightful owners. If these annexation policies are so good, a city should have no problem convincing the voters of a proposed annexation area that they will recieve benefit from joining a municipality and logically a majority will vote favorably.

Restore true democratic process and END involuntary annexation.