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ONLY ON 3: UNCW Professor celebrates resignation of chancellor on blog; also makes racial statements

It's not unusual for a college professor to speak his or her mind or have a blog. But some might say, Dr. Mike Adams, a criminology professor at UNCW, may cross a line or two in his. UPDATED WITH UNIVERSITY'S RESPONSE...

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Is Diversity or Seregation the Goal

When you have one student center for all students, you have diversity. When you have different student centers for every group, you have segregation. If your looking for a place where everybody looks, acts, or thinks like you, diversity is not your goal.


It amazes me that people cannot see the racism in having a "African American Cultural Center". If you set up a "Caucasian American Cultural Center" and had it funded by the students, as they have done with the AACC, everyone would be screaming "racism".

Come On

Come on people grow up. Let's get rid of this nonsense called Political Correctness, and realize we live in a world where the are people who will take offense at just about anything. Hey life is tough, then you die. Quit whining and get tough. If you don't like what Mike Adams says, go talk to him, not about him. Ranting about him is nothing more than the strategies of passive/aggressive cowards.


Do you really need a center to vent? what is restricting you from venting outside of the center? it is a place you can run to get away from all of the other races, therefore inhibiting more racism.

Second, he is not really running for chancellor, if you read any of his stuff apart from just this column you will realize that almost everything he writes is satire. he is making fun of issues in order to bring them to light. He uses satire in order to bring recognition to larger issues such as how these centers promote segregation instead of building a center (such as a bar) that would promote races getting together.

Third, when you run a piece like this, run it right. there were several times that you misquoted his article or brought them out of context.

Prof. Mike Adams

I followed your link. Did you read BOTH letters?

Adams is absolutely right -- many institutions, especially universities, treat minority and female applicants differently, requiring lower levels of achievement and giving "points" for being a member of a minority. You can't possibly be unaware of that, can you?

How can any reasonably intelligent person NOT conclude that that is racism?

I actually was interviewed

I actually was interviewed and had they played my entire comment you would have heard me say that the centers off not only a place to vent but to connect with students who look like me when I come from being in a class where I am the only face of color in the room. You may not understand what that is like to constantly be the minority in a class EVERYDAY but the centers offer support. I have had students, when I was an orientation leader, who were black, hispanic, etc. ask me if there were more people "like them" and where could they connect with them. These centers offer that opportunity. Also, the centers offer support to different multicultural organizations on campus. They provide funding, programming space, advertising help and other services that fit specifically with challenges Multicultural Student Organizations face on a campus like UNCW. If the entire content of our interviews were shown you would see that our comments were also misplaced and cut into areas where the context of what we would be saying was incorrect.

Also, if you do not believe that something is remotely wrong with Mike Adams please follow the link.

Do you not find anything wrong with this? If not, then the conversation is over because you are unable to understand where we are coming from.

the link brought me to one

the link brought me to one of two letters mr adams wrote. i went to page 2 to see the other letter. it cleared things up a little for me.but i do understand how the young lady felt, it can be devastating hearing some truth for the first time...a couple of my former professors were known to be no holds barred an d they let me know when they thought i had to apply myself more....they didn't coddle my day they did not let students in to college if they couldn't fulfill high school basic standards...nowadays kids go to college and are given remedial math and english, something they should have passed in high school...many people believe black americans have been held down by massive entitlements and are now on a symbolic dermocratic plantation...two black people of high worth have told me this...yet when a chance to help black children is offered(as in washington dc) it's thwarted. to what end?


Dear Guest--
I do not find anything wrong with Adams letter. I find something wrong with your attitude. Further your arrogance in dismissing anyone who does not agree with you illustrates the entitlement attitude perfectly.

So, I say, I am done with you. I do not wish to communicate with an entitlement baby who considers his/her opinion to be the only one of value.

PS Do not ask me for a letter of recommendation.

@ I actually was interviewed

At your urging, I followed the link.I do not find anything wrong with what Professor Adams wrote. It may be uncomfortable for you to read, but that is a separate issue. The disturbing thing is, you ask the wrong question. The question should be, is what he said, truthful? If it is, we have our answer. If not, then you "I actually was interviewed", as a college educated person should find it easy to repudiate those falsehoods. It's more revealing that you chose either to neglect that avenue or were unable to do so.

I actually was interviewed

1. The interview expressly charged and condemns a student who wants to promote racial animosity and not diversity.

2. Girl, if people want to connect, they use social networks. In the past, bulletin boards in the hallways were used successfully. What yo be sayin about having a 'racially private' anything is another demand for entitlement, and like all the other its gonna stop comin. Get over it, be an American and get educated so you can hear what people are saying about individual freedom. Yo, stop dis'n an bein the angry hatred generator - get out and become something significant for yourself. Only you can stop yoself from bein da racist and da idiot. Word up from the Cos. That old man got sense, you need it. These organizations require money and if you aint got no job you spendin yo college on dem not yoself.

3. Offers support??? No one cares where yo comin from no more, sister. Nobody dont care nothing about yo past. Word up - what can you earn fo yo self? Get busy and get away from this place, or yo become a janitor in a museum for yo kind.

4. Where you comin from???? You talk bout feelin down an wanna feel better about yo race? Go ask a Native American his ancestors an what he did bout dat today. Ask a Jew, an Eskimo, or better yet - greet a United States Marine arriving home from Afghanistan -- at the airport -- before he sees his family, and ask him about feeling isolated.

Yo aint nuthin, sister, aint never gonna be nuthin it get it out yo head and get busy. lose dat place, and go to a Christian church. Look at a cross to understand loneliness. Ask God for forgiveness for being self-centered and using race as your idol god. Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill you with love and praise God for his mercy to all.

Only white face

Your arguement about needing a place to be with others who look like you is a racist statement. Could a white guy say that without getting in trouble? I spent all of last summer working in Singapore. I could go several days without seeing another white guy (I'm white). However, it didn't make any difference to me. I had nice Asian friends, and, although their culture was different than mine, I enjoyed being with them. I didn't need a place to be with others who looked like me. Do we need a blond room or red hair room or Russian room? There are a whole lot of ways we can find differences between various groups within our population. Who gets the special room to celebrate these differences? I think we should celebrate commonality. At the same time you have the right to associate with any group; however, that is different than getting a special room for your race from the university.

"Do you not find anything

"Do you not find anything wrong with this? If not, then the conversation is over because you are unable to understand where we are coming from."

What a doltish and childish thing to say. Lots of people agree with Adams and your statement paints with a broad, all inclusive brush that is churlish and close minded. Open up that wasted mind and bring forth an actual thought, otherwise the conversation is over because talking to you is like talking to a rock.

I actually was interviewed

So what was wrong? The fact that he pointed out that, based on her qualifications, she might not get accepted to the better school? My advice to you, little girl, is to get on with life and quit being a victim.

I have no problem with Adams' column . . .

I have a problem with your misrepresentation of what Adams said in the column. Like many, you only provide half the information. Which results in the skewing of the truth. Let's be fair, the link you provide to Adams' column is to the SECOND page. If all people read is that they will be mislead. For the sake of honesty here's the link to the full article.

Dr. Adams

After reading both pages it make it clearer that Adams is racist.What was his reason for posting these letters? If he isn't racist he sure has some kind of issues.Then he tries to shame her for wanting to go to the better school,even telling the school she's not smart enough for them,but in the black school she would be great.Sure sounds racist to me.

It's relatively clear that

It's relatively clear that you missed his point completely; which was the double standard by which individuals are measured in many areas of our culture. Much has already been said and written about the dumbing down of America; lowering standards to expand entry into colleges and universities. I truly believe his article wasn't about race, but rather about the aforementioned points.

I believe the more important issue is improving the educational system at the primary and secondary levels for all children in America. Bring on a voucher system that lets parents choose the best available education for their child, instead of the one forced upon them by the public school system and the unions. Just my thoughts --

You must be R.M. Hammer,

You must be R.M. Hammer, because you sure hit that nail on the head. What exactly are those double standards trying to say? Are blacks—or other benefactors of the double standard—not as intelligent as white males? Perhaps the K-12 education in "majority minority" (talk about oxymoron!) areas so terrible no one can get educated? (So why fix the problem in K-12 when you can just "socially promote" ill-served students to the next grade?) Perhaps the issue is cultural—actually learning in school is "acting white" and we don't want that—so any "fix" would be "blaming the culture" and you can't do that without being racist? Any serious study on the matter will show Thomas Sowell's articles on race have more correct than anyone else.

Double standards are stupid. It's time to fix the problem or shut up about it. It's definitely way past time to continue to let the race hucksters blackmail us into doing the wrong thing.

Dr. Adams

I got his point.He's saying Blacks are dumber than whites.There are other schools he could of named, but he named the Black school.Then he says she would be just like the rest of the Black people if the better school accepted her and she went.

What it comes down to is do

What it comes down to is do you want to be judged by your character and honest achievements or the color of your skin. A very valid question, and telling answer.

Dr. Adams

It may be a valid question,but why suggest she go to a Black school? There are many schools he could of suggested that someones grades don't have to be what UNC-CH wants. If the person was white what school would he suggest?

Dr. Adams racist?

If Dr. Adams WERE racist, then he would be thrilled that African Americans might go someplace away from Caucasians, thereby keeping the (by implication, superior) Caucasians pure. So who IS calling for separation of the races? Those who do MIGHT be racist.

Dr. Adams is rude and racist and funny

Mostly he is rude.... It is impossible to speak without being racist... because the definition of racism is in the ear of the be-hearer. I find this stuff to be hilarious , laugh-out funny. It is clear that Dr. A is very smart and thinks about things outside the bun. I am glad he is in the thick of things .... stirring the racist pot. By the way, rude is not against any moral law I know of.