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ONLY ON 3: Ward talks about run for Bladen Sheriff

Over the past few weeks we've reported on the lies, terminations and investigations that surround the race to be sheriff in Bladen County. Many of you ranted and told us we were picking on the people inside the department and giving candidate Billy Ward a pass. Well, we caught up with Ward today to find out more about him and where he stands on issues.

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You forgot to add one thing....

...Ward's voiceover where he says, "I'm Billy Ward, and I support this message."

Herrera did a human interest piece for the Ward campaign. At the very least, the Ward campaign should pay WWAY for the airtime.

Nevertheless, Ward hasn't done any kind of law enforcement in the last 30 years, outside of being a spokesperson for the Troopers' Association, yet he's supposedly the best candidate for the job? Okay.

30 yrs, long time to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Agreed. Now someone decides to step out of the shadows and find a voice. If Ward was so concerned about the well-being of our county... why didnt he run for election in the first place? The other candidates cared enough to run from the beginning. People who are young, and dont remember back to that "trauma" incident Ward was talking about should really educate themselves. If someone hurts you on duty and it affects you psychologically.... are you really stable to run a department? 30 years afterwards, in which you have no experience in law enforcement since? Really people... Bladen County already voted on their sheriff, and that man is Prentis Benston. Is it so hard to beleive that an african american can run our county, and protect our roads? It's all about change remember... First Black President. Educate your self people... talk with someone inside the department. They know these ppl better than we do.


Ward has ran for Sheriff before, in fact the same year Earl Storms was first elected. I for one am sick of the race card. It is called competing for office. How can it be racial when a rich white man is backing Prentis Benston? You are correct Bladen County already voted on their Sheriff the person they selected was Eric Bryan. It was ok for Prentis to call for a runoff, but it is racial for Billy Ward to run as an Independent. I have known the Ward family for years and never heard anyone say they were racial. Billy Ward has spent years working in schools all across this state educating our children on drugs. He has genuine concern for our kids. My problem with Benston is that I do not know what he stands for since he cowardly rejects a public debate.
If standing on stage speaking to a large crowd is too much pressure, can he handle the pressure that come with the job?