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Others claim Soles gave them money also

One of Senator Soles’ legal clients, B.J. Wright, was released from prison Monday, and it appears there is a paper trail that shows R.C. Soles has been giving him a lot of money.

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Did the Senator really successfully defend B.J. Wright on thirty-plus charges? I think that the whole truth is that District Attorney Rex Gore's office simply dismissed 34 cases against B.J. Wright. This is one of the most politically corrupt counties in our state. Why did Rex Gore dismiss 34 cases? The arresting officers in those cases certainly felt that the elements of the crimes existed. Is R.C. Soles that talented, or does he simply grease the right pockets? That would be a good question for this superb reporter to try to get answers to. Keep up the great work!

Others claim Soles gave them money

I want to know how Senator Soles and others could have given B.J. Wright this amount of money while he was imprisoned. I thought the limit an inmate could have a month was $40. Was B.J. Wright given special priviledges if he came out of Bladen Correctional with $8,000 to the good? I know for a fact B.J. Wright was approved to leave Bladen Correctional early. He was scheduled to be picked up at 8 AM. Why? Senator R.C. Soles can not use generosity to explain why he has given all these inmates these huge amounts of money. What and where could they spend this money on? Was it possible pay offs to keep them quiet while imprisoned. There is something definitely wrong here and your news team needs to keep digging for the answers. You've done a spectular job so far. So, please keep investigating. Don't let Senator Soles' scare tactics stop your investigation. He is the one who's running scared.

B.J. Wright

Great Job WWAY! This is some of the best investigative reporting that I have seen in a long time.