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Parent wants others to be aware of seclusion rooms in school

Have you ever heard of a seclusion room? A Carolina Beach mom found out about them after her son's teacher allegedly threatened to put him in one.

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Give me a break, Lady.

The mother in this situation needs to be educated. As stated, seclusion rooms are in many schools throughout the county, and only used for students who have this need specified in their IEP. It is not a "cruel punishment" and in fact some students who may have a sensory processing disorder may need the area as a comfort should they become overstimulated in a typical classroom setting. I understand her concern about her son being "threatened" to be put in here, and IF in fact the teacher DID use the room as a threat, then the teacher was in fact out of line. But making a big deal out of the rooms and wanting to "make the other parents aware that these rooms exist" makes no sense. These rooms will NOT affect you or your child unless it is a need in their IEP, and if that need is there then you are already made aware of the room. This mother seems like one of "those" parents who likes to go complain to the school board and stir things up. How about focusing on YOUR SON and finding out why he was so upset in the first place...maybe there is a need HE has that she is overlooking because she's too busy trying to make trouble for the teacher! By the way, WECT--- way to present the room and make it sound horrible by describing it as a prison cell.."8x9 with padded walls" sounds horrible to people who are not educated on the purpose for the room. How about explaining that some children LIKE the room, and NEED it. How about explaining that it is there for SAFETY of the child and the staff, as well as other students?! You guys really have a way with words. Yes I'm teacher. Go ahead, paint us awful. We can't do enough, can we? No appreciation anywhere. Thanks.

You Need to Retire "Tired Teacher"

Unlike "Tired Teacher" who boldly proclaims her unsubstantiated assertions behind anonymity, I am proud to reveal my identity - and that I am the mother of a 7 year old boy with autism. It is you, my dear, who is need of an education. Start here:‘shouldn’t-school-be-safe

Seclusion should NEVER be specified within an IEP. Ignore the blatant ignorance of those like "Tired Teacher" and stand up for your child's emotional and physical well-being.

And "Tired Teacher" - I want you no where near my children. Please retire and relinquish the position to someone who actually has TALENT and compassion. Thank you.

Although I understand your

Although I understand your point, I too am an educator and have seen this rooms used improperly, behavior plans not followed, and incidents not documented.