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Parents protest decision not to air Obama's speech live on Tuesday

Kids in Brunswick County had the day off from school, but that didn't keep many parents and even some teachers from showing up at the school district offices Monday afternoon. They were there to protest the decision not to air President Obama's speech in school tomorrow.

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My child will be attending

My child will be attending school on Tuesday but not to watch Obama. I do not support him in any way and I do not feel as if such politics should take the toll of valuable classroom time. This should perhaps be a part of high school Economics courses or such but not in every classroom. I'm sorry but there are more things that we need to focus on right now. When 9/11 hit, there was only a period of about 20 minutes where the news was watched in the classrooms. The rest of the time, news was gathered by word-of-mouth. Why should Obama hold prestige to that? Sorry...the school board actually made a great move here. Otherwise, many students would not be in school for the fact of their parents keeping them home to keep from watching the president!

Obama Speech

Have you read the speech? This speech marked a historical event. For the first time our president spoke to and asked questions to a group of citizens across the nation that do not even vote. This in no way was meant for political gain on the President's behalf. His message emphasized the importance of staying in school. What could be a more important message? Those that opposed the viewing of this speech only demonstrated the ignorance of being an uniformed citizen. It is our duty to understand the fundamental reasonings for our arguments when participating in our political system. By showing this speech on Friday the school board managed to take away the intensity and underlying unity this speech was meant to have on our young generation in America.

Obamas education speech shown in Brunswick Co. schools

I know every parent want their children to take advantage of the great opportunity we as americans have when it comes to education. It will not hurt any child to be encouraged by anyone. If my pastor, my son's coach, and my family can encourage my child, why not the president of the united states. I dont want to think it is racism in the works, but it sure looks that way. I wonder if the president was of any other color would it matter whether if the speech was shown in school and if we would at all be having this issue. If Im not mistaken former president Bush make a similar speech to school students and I do not recall any protest at all. Let's not come off looking igrorant to other countries because it seems that we dont want our children to do better in school.