Picketers hope to raise awareness about widwives
Submitted by WWAY on Mon, 08/10/2009 - 4:34pm.

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I had my daughter at New Hanover Regional with a midwife and she was AMAZING. Her presence allowed us to have the birth we wanted and needed. This is a decision that should be ultimately left up to the community. Buncombe Co where we now reside is more conscious of women and their needs and wants. We have the OPTION of midwiferies for all of our gyno needs and here Docs step out of the way of the midwives in the hospitals. Its sad that OUR voices have gone unheard for so long...we will continue to speak out.
There are serious complications that can take place, behind the scenes, where a midwife is not educated well enough to handle. In this case, the doctors are the ones who step in and save patient and infant lives. The doctors are the ones that deal with these situations that the public are unaware of. Doctors are more intelligent than midwives and always will be. This is getting very old and out of hand... maybe the reason why they are gone is the reason why they need to be gone. Midwifery can be a great service, but is not always the answer. The doctors are great and love what they do, just trust them and you will not be let down. Happy delivery!!!