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Police waiting to charge speeding deputy

A lot of you have written in on-line asking why Lewis hasn't been charged yet. Shallotte Police Chief Rodney Gause explained why.

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Samantha Lewis

our prayers are with you. may you recover fully and may your family be at peace, regardless of the opinions of others. everyone has made mistakes regardless of being a LEO or not. but God forbid an officer makes a human mistake, perhaps they have forgotten that you put your pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us, to do a job others will not.

Miss Samantha Lewis

Anyone heartless enough to be more concerned with the fact that this beautiful young lady hasn't been "charged" yet, rather than her overall health and wellbeing should just plain keep it to themselves. This amazing young woman, a deputy in our county, who undoubtedly has served us well in the past, lies fighting for her life. All these people can do is whine and gripe about her position and the legalities?? Justice is designed to follow morality and uphold it. Fairness and duty are important and she is an officer, indeed. However... she is a man and a woman's daughter and dear to many I am certain. She fights for her life as this is written. Back off, folks, the county will do it's job, do yours and pray for her, if you pray and are willing. If you want to "take up a cause", try "Have A Heart" to be useful because pointing fingers isn't helping anyone.

Amen !

Amen !