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Possible suspect, but no arrests in Montez Jones' murder

The family of a murdered Wilmington man needs your help. They want the person responsible for killing Montez Jones in broad daylight on Christmas Day, to come forward.

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Only GOD can judge>

As the mother of his 3 kids i don't care what's on his record he didn't deserve to die and on Christmas day that was not right!!!And on that he was not selling drugs he was walking from the store...I all can do is PRAY FOR YOU bcuz you have not heart at ALL!It's SAD.


regardless of his past crimes....or even if he was selling drugs at the time...on Christmas... he did not deserve to die. whoever put that comment should know better than that. we all make mistakes in life...some more than others but by no means does that mean that montez jones father of 3 should have been killed on Christmas day....or any day for that matter. God will judge us for our actions in life WHEN the time is right. we need to find out who decided to play GOD that day. This person or persons cant just get away with killing someone...anyone

just shows

I guess drug dealers don't take off Christmas day. He was far from staying out of trouble. Go to the Department of Corrections web site and you can see some of his greatest hits.

keep it real with self before you try to put dirt on someone dea

people change why when something happens people like u look for the bad in a person i am sure you just got the perfect life and or your family member might have not been caught doing something wrong but you have and you are not god so dont judge and put the bad out without knowing that person

didn't judge

I didn't judge him, I formed an opinion based on his past crimes and activities. Nor did I ever claim to be God. (use capitalization to show respect) I also didn't put any dirt on him, he did that when he chose to commit his crimes. You can't argue facts and his criminal record is a FACT.


why would you judge someone for their mistakes in life. making mistakes.....even if its mannnnny mistakes...doesnt give anyone the right to kill a person. wait... a young father of 3 that had his whole life to change for the better.......idk just my opinion

You should be absolutley

You should be absolutley ashamed of yourself. People make mistakes, I'm sure you're not perfect. And I'm sure that members of your family are not perfect, and I'm also sure that they don't deserve to die. You know, people are pretty cruel when they have a computer screen to hide behind.

never claimed to be

I never claimed to be perfect and I have made mistakes in the past. No one from my immediate family to the extended family have records except for minor traffic offenses. I drive fast. That is my crime of choice.

RIP Montez..your kind heart

RIP Montez..your kind heart and free spirit will never be forgotten!