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The Rant: September 29

Everyone's got issues with something! What grinds your gears? WWAY NewsChannel 3 wants to know what's got you steamed!

Disclaimer: Comments posted on this, or any story are opinions of those people posting them, and not the views or opinions of WWAY NewsChannel 3, its management or employees.


Colleges not closing!

How did this go from colleges not closing to how stupid we are for driving in this weather? If we're going to lose points from our final grade for not showing up to class, or miss important tests, then what are we supposed to do? How many people have to be injured, or worse, before the local colleges start closing their doors during extreme weather?

Town of Carolina Beach Flooding

The Town of Carolina Beach doesnt have to flood so bad and wouldnt, if the Town would just use a little preventive measures. They should have pumped down the Lake over into the Ocean as they did back during Fran and Floyd, but I guess we have new people working there and running the Town that dont have sense enough to realize we had a record rainfall event this week, and we were expecting to get more rain from a topical storm. Nice going Town of Carolina Beach.