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Riot breaks out at West Bladen High School

Police called what happened at a Bladen County High School Monday "a riot." Students at West Bladen High reported that more than 50 people were involved in the fighting that resulted in a number of arrests. The violence started just after 10:00 this morning, and continued until about noon.

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Look. I am so sick of teachers and parents telling students to run and tell a teacher if someone hits yu. First of all how do teachers know that the fact that the student keeps running and telling isnt the reason they're getting beat up in the first place. I mean come on now, are you really gonna sit there and not retaliate if some one (boy or girl) just comes up out of no where and hits you. Of course you're not they expect some one to defend theirself but end up suspended the wrong people anyways. Fights are gonna happen and the only people that can control them is the one's fighting. Not officers, principles, teachers or other students. People need 2 stop running around thinking that its not safe at West Bladen. The food is disgusting, there are roaches, bugs, and a whole lot of other things at west bladen that aren't safe but no one cares about that! And you notcie that in the video its all white people that were interviewed. And you wonder why black kids want to fight all the time. Im black myself and just because i am doesnt mean im gonna be on here talkin trash about white people but its ridiculous how people take white kids to be so calm and perfect when in the real world of high school every one has a bad quality to them. People need to stop looking down on students like they're criminals. you hear people saying "im scared to go back" come on now you were fine yesterday when there wasnt a fight and you'll be fine tommorrow. i didnt see any white kids getting pulled off in handcuffs but i can almost gurantee you some white kid somewhere had something to do with it even if it was just to pass word. I love my school and no matter what, West Bladen High School will always be West Bladen High School and if you have a problem with it. East Bladen is only 13 or 14 miles away. Leave.

Parents Listen!!!

I went to West Bladen. I wasnt' attending when the fight broke out but my brother was. He was not in the fight but he knew what the fight was about. I am African American. People you got to stop being so judgemental. It won't no riot. All the students that where arrested was not in the fight. They were trying to break it up. Some of us just grew up on the wrong side. When I was attending West Bladen we had a big fight to break out one morning. I was not scared because I knew the people and you can tell when something is about to go down because all the people start crowding around. I got into a fight when I was attending West Bladen. I was hit so I struck back. I don't know anyone who is going to let someone hit them and they don't him them back. I was suspended for 10 days. I loved school and love getting my education. By them suspending me it set me back in school. It didn't set me back but I wish I could have been in school those 10 days. I'am now in college. I am a few steps away from getting my degree and to become a pediatrician.


This is really nuthin why are the teachers so concerned about what happend.They shouldnt even care because all the times we had fight it was never a big scene but i bet if those were white people fighting they would have been at school the next day but now that these people were fighting you take there education away from them i think that we need to go back to the old days when we went to seperate schools.I just want to inform bladen county that yall dont care about our black students at these schools.your not going to stop people from fighting cause if my child gets hit there going to fight.............

The people who are fighting

The people who are fighting obviously don't value their education. Taking them out of school for a few days should serve as a warning and make them want to behave like civilizes folk, if indeed they do value their education. if the only reason they are there is to fight and sell drugs, get them out permanently. Kids are there to learn and it is unfair to the ones who are taking their education seriously. Segregation is already taking place. People who can afford to are taking their kids out of public schools and putting them into a safe learning environment so they can learn without these distractions and eventually be successful grown-ups.

Yeah,that is samrt..

Yeah,that is samrt.. Instruct your child to break the rules too. Regardless of your beliefs, it is against school rules to fight. Actually, It is against the law to strike another human being. Your child will be held to the school system's rules and possibly the actions of the court system if they cannot control their temper enough to keep from striking another individual. Schools are for learning, not fighting and carrying on like a bunch of idiots.


Personally, everyone exaggerated too much. It went from simple fights, to riots, to gangs, and to guns. It is also not the teachers faults that these kids behaved the way they did. The fights are no one but the students faults and I dont think it has anything to do with gangs. Everyone disagrees once in a while and there has ALWAYS been rivalries between these kids. There is no reason to call it "gang related" just because people are trying to create an explanation for these violent acts. Also, as far as the comments about the bad teachers and how bad the students english is spoken, it is no one but the students faults if they do not want to sit in class and learn. So, everyone get your facts straight before speaking out of line. No one was in harms way and this is not a color issue. Yes, it was mainly African Americans fighting, but oh well. There have been quite a few Caucasion fights also. -thanks.

you think that its not the parents or teachers fault

why do people think its always the student's fault? it's the teachers and parent's fault that all these fights happen. i've been to west bladen, and its not a bad school i love it. yea there were fights but so what no school in the world is perfect. west bladen isn't dangerous. there are just days where people dnt want to be bothered. probably because of what happened the day before or what happened that morning. people think going to east bladen or whiteville is better. nothin is goin 2 change so deal with it. if you got somethin 2 say about west b. say it i dare u

i know the truth please read parents

look man i go to west bladen high school and i know whats going on you cant believe evrything thats on the news its not gang related its just people arent always going to agree if people really want to fight they are going to do it regardless and you cant stop it we are not bad people somtimes we might just make wrong decisions at time and i think instead of interviewing people who dont know anything about the situation they should of interviewed AFRICAN AMERICAN PEOPLE Because we know more about it than anybodyI About It No Im Not A Part Of it But Yet I Understand They Did Behave Wrongly But What Are metal detectors Going to Do Against Somebodies hands look I understand parents are concerned but they should have been concerned from the begining now when the problem gets bigger they want to take action its to late now it happened oh well get over it and just pray for the situaition to get better All I can Say Is Raise Your Child In The Way They Should Go And The Want Part From It

I was scared to death and

I was scared to death and don't feel safe going back