Section 8 recipients fear moving to Creekwood
Submitted by WWAY on Thu, 10/30/2008 - 5:44pm.

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...if there were no sales! They are simply serving their customers. BTW, Godzilla should be afraid to move into Creekwood.
Drug Dealers tend to deal AWAY from their homes simply because it puts their health and family at risk of having a narcotics agent or murderer/Thief break in. What happens is territory. The streets of 30th street can be safer to some, where as the streets of dawson or wooster is safer to others. (or more dangerous). It's easy to hide and run. however. Drug dealers and pushers are not always associated with such violence like gangs, but certainly there are very violent drug dealers out there. Some dealers deal only because they are poor, and people from another place shoot and kill them when they find out it's not good or not enough. But if you're looking for REAL criminals and high grade dangerous drugs. you need only look Downtown on front and second street, beside every corner of very large corporate banks. The man in a suit has more _____ than a man in shreds.