Sheriff's detective says former cop was treated differently because of gender
Submitted by WWAY on Wed, 07/21/2010 - 5:44pm.

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I am so glad Ms. Oxford is finally getting her day in court. She loved her job and the people of HB loved her. She had to put up with so much for a job she loved and still got fired by a man that doesnt deserve to wear a badge and he is still there. I certainly hope the town of HB gets good detective work done by the ex-sherif's son who had barely been a cop a year when he got Ms. Oxford's job, yes Holden Beach thats who protects you....sleep well!!!!!!!!

At least Justin Hewett knows how to write his own search warrants and doesn't have to call someone from the Sheriff's department to help him with ALL of his cases. And.... Justin Hewett does an excellent job. Chief Layne will get his turn next week, and we will see what he's had to endure because of her and her female comrad pulling the "female" card. That is sickening. Just shut up and do your jobs people.