Southport Police arrest murder suspect
Submitted by WWAY on Tue, 05/26/2009 - 5:03pm.

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Its hard to believe he would do this. He used to come to WV with his step mom, and when he came in he spent the night wit me and he always helped my grandma wit things no one from this way thinked he would do that. God Bless All Family And Friends Of Victim And Junior!
Hi Lee Roy Jolly is my little cousin I am sorry to hear what happen my heart goes out to the victim's family I know he is also sorry for what happen. I don't know what happen but Lee Roy Jolly is a real sweet person if you knew him personally. The family could never see him doing any harm to someone I don't think that he did it and hope that it is all a misunderstanding and hope that the victim's family will forgive the family and our prays are with the victim's family and the Jolly family. God Bless You
I have rode the bus with this kid since the begining of the year. Never in 10 million years would i have thought he would do something this stupid, this low, this dishonerable. I am seriously DSAPPOINTED in him. I hope he learns from his mistake. This is really sad. I just want to know what he was thinking?
As far as I can tell, murder isn't a mistake, it is a choice.
" I hope he learns from his mistake" A mistake is when you knock over your milk, a mistake is making a left turn instead of a right. A cold blooded murder is when you kill a woman for a handful of coin. Oh pickme-pickme, please let me be on the jury, I will make sure he "learns from his mistake"
i have known this kid for over 3 to 4 years. i would have never thought that he would end up doing this to anyone but we all do things that no one thinks we will. i know that he was probably with someone else but one ones for sure.i hope the best for his family and for the family of the victim as well.
I am just so confused on why he would do something like this. I wish he would have not acted on impulse and thought about the consequences.
Lee Roy Jolly jr. I just can't believe it one minute he is riding his bike next to me then the next in a police car. This young man goes to school with me, rides the bus with me, and has also walked around southport with me, friends and my daughter. My heart goes out to the victim's(myrie)son and family. I hope this iccident can bring us togeather. In this situation there is two victims, two people that have lose there lives!!!