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Students return to West Bladen High, welcomed by metal detectors

It was the first day back in class since a riot broke out at West Bladen High School on Monday, but before students could get to class, they had to get through security.

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Intelligent and Understandable Comments

I've read a few of the stories that have been written about the big fight day at West Bladen. I've seen students express concern about their safety, I've seen students say there is no need to worry and basically those who are worried are punks and pu**ys (yes I saw that word used it isn't normally a word I would use per say but since I am writing on this subject I wanted to make sure that I left nothing out). I've seen children scream racism because someone dared to use the word "thug" as far as I know and I graduated with English honors the word thug isn't attached to any specific race! I've read parents blaming the school officials and everyone else except their selves. Parents are the ones who raise the children and are the ones who play a vital role in their children learning values, morals, respect and common decency. I think some people should have to pass and exam in order to reproduce! If you can't teach your children simple values, morals and respect then you don't need to have any because it means your far too self absorbed to care what your children are learning and doing. So what I'm wondering is when is Bladen County going to wake up and realize that parents need their rights to be parents back without having to worry about their spawn calling the police on them there is a difference between discipline and abuse. But since Jr has more rights than mama, daddy and the school officials you have Jr and his friends doing whatever they want running the show. You have classrooms being interrupted and interfering with other childrens right to a good education because teachers can't conduct class because well the state and etc have tied their hands. A 10 day suspension at home doesn't hurt that much these days I mean come on most of the time mama and daddy are not home they are working so Jr can sleep in, get up watch TV, play on the internet, play his video games, eat and just be lazy. It's like a vacation to them! Now back when I grew up which wasn't all that long ago we got our behinds paddled none of us died from it (I never had it done to me just the thought of the paddle being there was good enough to keep me straight)! None of us are Psychologically scared either. We grew up to be respectable adults now I'm really wondering what has happen to this generation here mama and daddy coddle Jr and do nothing to teach him consequence or right from wrong or that he should respect his self and others. You have parents whining oh someone needs to do this someone should have done that, parents my question to you is what have you done to ensure your child does the right thing? What have you done to help change the atmosphere in which your child is receiving his or her education? Change starts with you, your child's future is in your hands! You can either fight for your rights to be given back to you and take control and command of your offspring and demand that your school has those rights as well or you can accept the fact that eventually there will be another Columbine, another Virginia Tech. Is that what you really want for yourselves? Do you really want to sit back and wonder what your child would have been, or what seeing your grandchild might had been like? If you answered no then start demanding things change! One person can't do it all by their self it takes a group organized demanding that someone listen! Children if your going to post please show the adults you are trying to reach and correspond that you aren't ignorant. Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation that way you can make your point and have your voice heard as well and be taken seriously. When you don't take the time to form your thoughts and words properly it takes away from the delivery of your message. If you don't know how to then try Microsoft Word it helps you a lot and then ask for a tutor to help brush up on your English skills. You'll need them unless you are just planning on being a lifetime McDonalds or Burger King employee if that's the case just practicing saying, "Do you want fries with that".

Just so you know. I

Just so you know. I completely agreed with everything you wrote. I did, however, want you to know that you may want to proofread what you post next time. You stated that you graduated with "English Honors". I was able to figure out what you were trying to get across but you really did struggle at times with bad grammar. Just wanted to let you know. But, you did make some really good points and your mindset is the same as mine.


If you are in handcuffs and your pants fall down around your feet (cause you are too ignorant to pull them above your butt) who pulls them up?


Well maybe if your lucky who ever the arresting officer is just might do it for you so he don't have to look at your underwear! You can bet none of my children will be wearing their pants like that and leaving my house to go to school or anywhere! Every time I see a child like that I have to fight the overwhelming urge to just grab the waistband and give them the wedgey of a lifetime!

he sound real racist 2 me

he sound real racist 2 me sayin "THUGS" im not a racist person i like everybody but if a bunch of white ppl started fightin at one time would you have called them "THUGS". Ya'll interviewing all the wrong ppl none of them even know whats going on and none of this had anything to do with GANGS nobody's in a gang so quit tryna blame everything to be gang related when something hsppens...yea it mightve been wrong for everybody to fight at one time but ya'll makin things seem worse den what it really is so stop tryin to tell a story about something when you dont know all the facts..its not a suprise everybody know nobody at that skool like each other anyway so everybody just choose to fight at the same time one led to another..ppl talkin bout they scared to go back what are they scared for nobody is touching them


Learn to spell.

The Word Thug

As far as I know the word Thug isn't racist. Now if he had used the awful N word I might have to agree with you but lets turn to our dictionary if you will here is a definition of a "Thug" so the uneducated can learn a little something. Here we have it straight from the Merriam-Webster dictionary Thug-: a brutal ruffian or assassin Just in the slight case your saying to yourself what is a ruffian here is its definition: Ruffian-: a brutal person or a bully to make it a bit more simpler for the simple minds! Thug isn't an exclusive black thing sorry to burst your bubble there kiddo! People have taken many words in the English language and perverted them to make them nasty, rude and crude. Like the word Gay didn't use to have anything to do with someones sexuality it meant happy. For instance I am white, people call white people crackers and well I always thought crackers were lovely salted things you had with soup and salad. People take words, and many other things in our society and twist them and make what they want them to be. Thug sorry isn't an exclusive word to just the black race so find something else to scream racism about kiddo! And hit those books and get an education!