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Sunday rides to replace Sunday drives?

Cyclists are working to gather support for a plan that would give them more space to ride in the Port City. The idea would make Sundays a day for riding, closing some streets to cars, and leaving them for bikes.

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Share the Road

Reading these comments is very disturbing. Plenty of Cities have successfully run programs like this for years and resulting in business's getting more business not less. Tourist come to visit, families come out events are held all that attract people with medium to high income. They stop for lunch buy the kids an Ice Cream, get waters or drinks. It becomes an attraction not a nuisance. If you build it they will come just look at Cambridge MA, NY City Hilton Head SC ,Denver Co, Charleston Sc Sky-way Bridge. All places that are bike friendly and invite bikes not shun them as obstacles that slow down motorises on there way to nowhere in a hurry. Its a proven fact that where ever there are bikes lanes and paths property values increase. Wilmington has a better climate and more level terrain than most of the country. There is a tremendous opportunity to become a bike friendly city that would attract higher income earners,Companies and family that want a better quality of life as well as improve the traffic issues we already have. Biking not only promotes greener transportation but is also a health benefit. Many people that live here tell me they biked to school as kids but would never let there own kids bike to school as its much to dangerous. Oil is not going to last forever we need start planning now not when in goes back up to $5 or $10 a gallon.

bike riders

The sad truth is the time is Looong past when ANY bike should be allowed on Wilmington streets...with the over-development we are already suffering from, a bike rider is endangering not only themselves but any drivers the encounter on our streets.
There should be laws quickly passed to KEEP bike riders off the streets and roads of Wilmington..for the sake and safety of our citizens...