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Troubleshooters: Libel and slander

In this Troubleshooters report, we're taking a look at slander and libel, and how the internet is making it easier to attack people's reputations.

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It is really nice to see

It is really nice to see that being honest doesn't get you anywhere in this town. The guy lied, he should be called out.

Joe Stauffer

First of all, who is Joe Stauffer to be calling anyone out? He claims to be in the film industry but to my knowledge, he has only worked on some insignificant independent projects. Even his IMDB page is full of FLUFF. It's one of those situations where, someone who is doing just a little bit more than someone else gets a big ego and starts running their mouth. That dude lied on his resume, and I get what the point of this is. But why try to publicize it? It's not for the reason of "oh, so people can be aware of this person"....because as he claims, he HID THE IDENTITTIES. So if he hid the identities, then it's not really saying "Hey watch out for this specific person". While there might not be a legal leg to stand on, this is the kind of thing that when said about the wrong person, could have someone take the law into their own hands. So I would be really careful about that. Some people are crazy enough to do that. And with someone who is so "involved" with the film community here, then I am assuming he wouldn't be hard to find. Other than that, the video WAS funny.


Joe Stauffer is a person that chooses to speak his mind... Wow! I just happened back on this page for some reason and it really struck me silly that someone would consider my opinion egotistical or less valid because of what's on my IMDB page.... really? Is that what makes someone's opinion "significant" hmmmm... I didn't know there was a prerequisite for integrity. At the root of anyone's career is a starting point. From there, one must make choices on what to create or work on...I choose to be very selective about what projects that I am a part of. Having said that, if the projects that I have chosen to produce or work on are "insignificant" because they are independent, then so be it. If anyone were to step onto one of my small, insignificant productions, they would find a creative, talented, professional and happy group of individuals that are all there for the love of the project, not just a paycheck. Moving forward with my career I will continue to be very selective about what films, music videos, or other projects that I take part in, and one will find in a few years that my small and insignificant productions will have gotten larger... and guess what, you will still be able to walk onto one of my sets and see the same talented, creative and professional group of people that will have been there from the beginning. It's called INTEGRITY. It's called PASSION. It's called LOVE. It's called STAYING TRUE TO YOUR ART. I love what I do. I am fortunate to be in a position that allows me to be creative, have fun and make money. I also have worked very hard for what I have and will continue to do so for the duration of my career. There is no credit, website, chart or certificate that can make someone's opinion more valid. At the end of the day, I can look back and know that I put my soul into every one my projects... and it shows. How many people can honestly say that? So if you don't respect me or understand what I am doing right now because of what's on IMDB, that's just fine. All of this hard work will pay off one day. You will know it when you see it.... ...and in that moment, it will be significant. -Joe Stauffer

good ol' NC drama, congrats

good ol' NC drama, congrats

The guy got called out. Joe

The guy got called out. Joe never slandered the man. He merely pointed out he was lying. Keep it up Joe.

Cry of the Wolf

Mr. Montanti, dude, drop the lawsuit. I know the law and you don't have a legal leg to stand on. Even if you hadn't admitted that you lied! The fact that you are stooping to lying on your resume might indicate you don't need to be throwing away your money on a lawyer. Of course, you might be getting free legal representation. Attorneys do that for the publicity... which is cool. If I were a lawyer, I'd represent Joe Stauffer for free. (Not that he needs it.)But, I'm not a lawyer. Oh, wait... here's my resume right here... lemme see...hmmmmm.

swack attacked

Who is Joe Stauffer? It's sort of the pot calling kettle black right? Stauffer posts a fake (lie) ad for work and gets people responding with fake resume. Joe Stauffer claims to be in the film business, really?

Swack Off

If I'm not mistaken the ad Stauffer put up was actually for a position on the film the dude lied about. So, it wasn't a fake ad... get your facts straight before you talk any kind of smack. Or should I say swack? Have you even watched any of the swack videos? I'm guessing... no! Who are you anyways? Seems like you're trying to claim you're a somebody.

Re- Swackard

We posted that AD in an effort to recruit help for a REAL PROJECT. Go to and search "Cry of the Banshee" under the videos section if you want to see it... or I can mail you a Blu-ray if you like. pay attention. Joe Stauffer


I agree with Swacked, if someone has the nerve to lie or cheat in order to get ahead and they get caught, then they should be called out. Calling them out in public will probably make them think twice next time before doing it. When someone commits a crime and they get caught, there are consequences, so this is the same type of thing. This guy talks about being "ambushed"; come on, he is just mad that he was caught and called out. Good for Joe Stauffer and Swacked. We need more accountability in our world. Wilmington Resident -


David Schifter isn't mentioned in any of the Swacked videos. Where did his name come from?

Who is David Schifter?

Who is David Schifter?

David Schifter is a casting

David Schifter is a casting director in town. I personally know many of the parties involved and I applaud Joe Stauffer for what he is doing and I know that there are a LOT of people that are happy about it too. The people that he "swacks" are the cause of their own problems for lying to begin with. It's good that people see them for what they are so they can be warned.

from the video

His name is mentioned at the end of the video clip here on WWAY.

But his name isn't mentioned

But his name isn't mentioned in any of the Swack videos. I wonder why he thinks he's involved?

Full Throttle Swackness

Keep it up Joe Stauffer! We applaud you. "If you're a liar and a cheat and someone accuses you of doing that & You ARE a liar and a cheat.. Too BAD!" Ha Ha!


Haha Joe stumbled on this page? Someone likes to type their own name into Google.