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Troubleshooters: Vacuum scam

Dan Martin was looking for a job to help make ends meet in a tough economy. Instead he says he got caught in a scam.

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Vaccuum cleaner sales scam

They came to my mother's home. Pressured their way in even though there was a "No Solicitation" sign on door. She said no but they smoothly talked themselves in. My mother is older and was trying to be polite and tell(all 3 of them) to leave. One commented on her nice things in the home.....another asked could he demonstrate on her pillow in the bedroom(with the vacuum). Another helped his way in the front door and asked who all sold any on "this street" like they owned my mother's home.
If I was there, one of 2 things would have happened. The second would have been police called, which would have been the best situation for them. When someone tells you they are not interested, you should move on, or find a real job like the rest of us.

the truth of the matter

There are many parts of Mr. Martin's story that are just simply not true. I won't go into all of them, but I will touch on a few. First, Ms. Jackson did not interview, hire nor train Mr. Martin. Her father was very ill at the time and a corporate trainer did the hiring and training. (Ms. Jackson did come in to introduce herself and meet the new folks). I worked for Pure Care during the time Mr. Martin was there. To me, Ms. Jackson was fair, honest, hard-working. She went out of her way to help others, going above and beyond. Everyone got paid what they were supposed to and no one ever waited 3 weeks for a paycheck(as someone commented above). Mr. Martin was not with the company for a month. In fact his vehicle broke down in the parking lot during the first week he was there and he spent several days underneath it trying to fix it. He never completed training and he quit shortly thereafter. Quite simply, he did not work. Lastly, Ms. Jackson was not forced out by the manufacturer. I made a call myself to the manufacturer and was told that never happened. She is and always was in excellent standing with the company. I think the reporter on this story should have checked that fact out for herself before spreading non-truths. Finally, as with any career or job, you get out of it what you put into it. I agree that Mr. Martin was just bitter and disgruntled and looking for his 15 minutes. ever

Isn't it funny that all the

Isn't it funny that all the replies defending Mrs. Jackson are from people that withhold their names, etc. Believe what you want but that woman has no heart and only cares about her own pocket book. My sister worked for her and she did the training of all those presentations and when it came time to get paid, Mrs. Jackson told her that 3 of them didn't count. So my sister spend over $200 in gas and never got a penny. My name is Belinda Ratcliff and I'm not ashamed to put my name in print.