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Williston student in juvenile detention center after attack on principal

A 13-year-old Williston student is in a juvenile detention center after tackling the school's principal earlier this week. The mother of the student said he's been treated unfairly since Wednesday’s scuffle.

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Children at School

I have read a lot of the comments people have written in and looked at the video. It boils down to YOU DO NOT PUT YOUR HANDS ON ANOTHER PERSON. I don't care how old you are, how mad you are or what color you are. You can be green with purple polk-a-dots, it does not give you rights. The child started something he shouldn't have and look what it has caused. The gym teacher might have been wrong or he could have been right. I don't know. But mama, let the people that are paid to find out the truth, handle it. If you don't think it is right, then complain. You came on as being a person that is black and expects priviledges and special treatment. Wrong. Please remember "Monkey See, Monkey Do". If your child would do this, what's he going to be in another couple of years? Being in juvie now could save his life if he learns from this. My heart goes out to the teachers in the school systems. I have many friends that have quit teaching because of all the threats and bad treatment they have received. I'm talking parents as well as students. Do your part at home Mama or you may wish your son was back in juvie.