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Wilmington council approves Monkey Junction annexation

It is official, 3,300 people in Monkey Junction will be annexed into the City of Wilmington. It has been a topic of controversy for months, and the opposition continued Tuesday night when City Council voted to approve the annexation.

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pay your fair share

is it really your plan to live across the street from the city limits and not pay any city taxes? you work in wilmington, drive in wilmington, shop in wilmington, and now you've graduated to becoming a full citizen of wilmington, able to vote for city council, pay city taxes, just like all the other grown-ups around you.


Are you implying that anyone who lives in the county is not a grownup? What just happened in that meeting was illegal. The gestapo of developers/realtors/good ol boys who run the city made a land grab to increase revenue - none of which they have any plan to do with.

Your Choice

I wonder if you chose to live in Wilmington? When I purchased my home, in 1992, I chose not to live in Wilmington, however close by. Wilmington in the past years have advanced and advanced their city limits and now you ask is it really your plan to live across the street from the city limits and not pay any city taxes? Are you kidding me? Are you suggesting I should be happy about being forced in to a township I never had intentions of living in? So the answer to your question is "Yes", that is my plan.

Luckily for me, I wasn't

Luckily for me, I wasn't part of the section being annexed...But very seldom do I go into the City and when I do I ride on state maintained roads, not the city roads. I don't work in Wilmington and I don't shop in Wilmington. So, tell me again why you think it's my time to start paying a fair share of the taxes???